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Four astronauts have their lives changed forever, when they end up being hit by a cloud of cosmic radiation. Reed Richards now has the ability to s. A group of astronauts gain superpowers after a cosmic radiation exposure and must use them to oppose the plans of their enemy, Doctor Victor Von Doom.

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Fantastic four extended torrent

· 13.02.2020

fantastic four extended torrent

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Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Goofs at around 49 mins When Reed is testing Johnny Storm's ability to "flame on" in a test chamber constructed of titanium, the recorded temperature exceeds K. Titanium melts at K, and boils at K. As there were slots in the chamber walls, it is unlikely that any insulation would have been effective in maintaining the integrity of the chamber.

Quotes Johnny Storm : Wake up, Ben. Then slowly raises it to look and see that he's totally normal] Johnny Storm : Unfortunately, the doctors just couldn't do anything to fix your face. Crazy credits There is a scene in the closing credits: Dr Doom is seen on a ship heading to his home country Latveria. For example, the UK release has scenes, dialogue and effects shots different to the Hong Kong, French and German versions.

There are reports of the Canadian version being affected also. These changes include: Reed and Sue rekindling their romance is shown in a scene with the pair walking and talking, with the Statue of Liberty in the background.

The Hong Kong version loses this scene and replaces it with one where the two are seen in a planetarium, whereby the scene ends rather abruptly before the pair kiss Dr Doom saying "Goodbye, Ben" is missing from the final fight scene in the Hong Kong release, but present in the UK edition When Dr Doom is engulfed in the fire at the end, his yell has him emitting a fiery breath in the Hong Kong release but this effects is missing from the UK edition Dr Doom's line as he emerges from the fire is cut short in the Hong Kong release.

The words "A little heat? However, he is not present in the Hong Kong version and The Thing seems to defeat Doom by himself Reed's proposal to Sue is also different. In the UK version, he bends down on one knee by stretching himself, whilst maintaining eye contact with Sue. In the Hong Kong release, he actually gets down on one knee for real Dr Doom's voice is different in both version.

In the UK version his voice sounds normal, whilst in the Hong Kong edition his voice takes on a more eerie quality, and sounds like he is talking from behind his mask. User reviews 1K Review. Top review. So-So Superhero Film. Victor Von Doom are bombarded by cosmic rays, changing their molecular systems and giving them superpowers.

Four of them become the superhero team, the Fantastic Four, while Doom becomes their new enemy. The Fantastic Four is far from fantastic but it does make for decent entertainment. The movie is very light-hearted and it isn't complex at all. This is good news and bad news. The good part is that the film doesn't take itself so seriously and the movie ends up being mildly enjoyable.

On the other hand, it becomes silly and cheesy with laughable acting and events. Also, the movie is actually kind of dull. There are some fun spots like the bridge scene but there is really no spark to the film. The blame should go to Tim Story and his lack of imagination. He keeps the film bland and dull but he shouldn't get all the blame. He is working with a cheesy and weak script courtesy of Michael France and Mark Frost.

If the writing had been a little better and the direction a little sharper then the film could have been better but it stands as a mediocre one. The acting is a mix bag with some good performances and a couple of bad ones. Chris Evans gives the best performance as Johnny Storm. He seems to be having a blast and his performance is contagious.

It's also nice to see something different. Usually in super hero movies, the superheroes are moody and they just want a normal life, which isn't a bad thing. However Johnny Storm actually wants to show off and he considers his new powers to be a blessing and not a curse. He is the exact opposite and he wants to give rid of his powers. Chiklis gives a good performance and it was a little heartwarming.

Jessica Alba gives a bad performance as Sue Storm. She is unconvincing as a scientist and her emotions feel fake. Ioan Gruffudd is actually somehow worse and he can't really act. His chemistry with Jessica Alba is almost non existent.

The only other person worth mentioning is Julian McMahon and he plays Dr. Victor Von Doom. I think he makes a good bad guy and he gives a decent performance. Despite the lack of quality in the film, Fantastic Four is pretty harmless. There is nothing here that should really offend anyone and it works better with kids than with adults or teenagers. The film has some things going for it though. The special effects are at least above average and the movie provides decent eye candy. As previously noted, there are some performances that stood out so the whole experience isn't a complete waste of time.

However, The Fantastic Four is still a disappointment. In the end, the movie is worth a rental at the most, in my opinion. FAQ 3. Well, you can, but at least there are a couple of good performers in there; namely Ioan Gruffudd and Michael Chiklis. At least he's better than newcomer Chris Evans, who'll make you want to smash his teeth in about ten seconds after you first saw him.

The bad guy, a villain named Doctor Doom, should be scary or Willem Dafoe style OTT, but instead it's the slick, slimy and miscast Julian McMahon who just kind of slides through the film without making an effort. The special effects in the film are surprisingly bad. Alba, as the Invisible Woman, has an okay look, but you can't really do much with invisibility that hasn't been done before.

The Human Torch is better; the effects of him flying through the air and burning are decent, with a flashy, expensive look to them. Sadly, it's Gruffudd's Mr. Stretchy that lets the side down; his elongated body looks like nothing more than the CGI effect which it is. Superhero films are usually noted for their large scale action set-pieces, and there's a halfway decent show-stopper here, as a fire engine threatens to crash off a massive bridge.

Unfortunately that's the only good bit you're going to see. The ending is particularly weak, so much so that you'll have forgotten it a day after watching; I seem to remember somebody asking what happens to metal when it rapidly cools, but to be honest I was struggling to stay awake at that point.

They get hit with the storm that changed their genetic makeup. They gain superpowers but not all of them are happy with all the changes. The movie starts too slowly. For an action superhero movie, this really needed to start out right at the space station. There's no time to waste on too much unnecessary setup. The action needs to start as soon as possible. The fact is the whole movie is one big introduction.

The group dynamic hasn't been set yet. The constant fighting between Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm still isn't something between old buddies. I can see this franchise getting better as the group dynamics get squared away. Login Register. Loading, please wait.

Quality: All p p p 3D. Year: All Download Watch Now. Select movie quality. Similar Movies. Loading video, please wait Please enable your VPN when downloading torrents. Get Secure VPN. Parental Guide. Plot summary Yearning to study the massive clouds of cosmic energy in the vast space, the brilliant physicist, Dr Reed Richards, enlists the help of his millionaire classmate, Dr Victor von Doom.

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Fantastic four extended torrent The film has some things going for it though. Nov 25, On von Doom's space station, the crew -- including astronaut Ben Grimm Michael Chiklisresearcher Sue Storm Jessica Alba and pilot Johnny Storm Chris Evans -- are exposed to a mysterious cosmic storm that bestows super powers upon them. Stan Lee Mailman Willy Lumpkin. First Name. Daniel P Super Reviewer.
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Fantastic four extended torrent Victor Von Doom. What are the differences between the theatrical cut and the extended cut? Similar Movies. Jessica Alba gives a bad performance as Sue Storm. Last Name. The constant fighting between Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm still isn't something between old buddies.
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Kudlik julia elitetorrent Allen Ralph. The fact is the whole movie is one big introduction. I know there's a rubbish sequel and all but that's not what I mean. Rate And Review Submit review Want to see. Action Adventure Fantasy. Unless they reboot Fantastic 4, which I wouldn't mind except that they wouldn't be able to have the only good choice of the 4 not being able to reprise his role. Super Reviewer.
fantastic four extended torrent

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Fantastic Four ( Ben \u0026 Johnny) - Extended Version

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