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Deus, circulus eft, cujus centrum ubique, circumfcrcntia nufquam. Kirchcr CEdip, yEgypt. The Scath was again divided into Mion-naid, or fmall motion; nada, motion j mionn, fmall; whence minute. Arab, mhin, fmall. Hence har-cetl, an obelilk, a pyiatnid. See bar. Lufca, a cycle of five years ; Shaw. Naoid- heachda, the nmcteentli the golden number, Shaw. This famous lunar cycle was wcU known to the Hibernian Druids, many of thcircircular afironomteal temples coafified, and do jet confift, of 19 ftones ; others of 48, the number of the old conficllacions.

Chaldea, whence all aftronomy was originally derived. VoL il p. Pliny mentions a period of lunar months, which Dr. Hailey thinks is falfc reading, and propofes the amendment, by reading months. Sir I. Newton makes theSarus 1 8 years and 6 intercalary months, which exactly agrees with Suidas? La Saoray an anhivetlafy, a feftival which was always kept in the night. It appears to be an original word, iignifying a revolution; likens bar, varr war, mentioned before Ait.

What is now called a year, in Scripture, fays the learned Coftard, feems, in very early times, to have been termed days, i. This clearly explains the tom- toinea of the Druids. Mithicli, Mithis, Mithr, a period, fcafon, cycle; Chald. Seal, de emend, temp. Grian- fted, tire Solilice.

The Irilh Teaephai, orTcach- bhai, is thus explained : antanGriannac cidirdol uirde, ni as ille, fa la as foide: that is, when the longcftand the ihorteil day comes. SaliUf, the Moon. See Gall. Sail, a year,, is probably no more than the numerical letter? Annus ab iteratione lie didlus. I, 14, V. Scripture Chronol. Beal; lonn is Bclus. Arab, choug, a ring, a jear Annus.

Gil-gat rota, orbis, fphera. See Raith. Let the Earth, Chuguly i. The Cannanites had a temple to their God, the Heavens by the attribute above mentioned. Bcth-h-gule or chcgule ; that is, the temple of the 'circulars; Marius calls it thc'-Houfc of Revolution.

Juft in Ifhh, is the magnetic needle, thc-compafs j and hence implies a guide. Commendavit fefe ha:cce nominls notatis iDgeniadllimo Atlanticcs conditoii, qui ut late demondrat, fedum hoc in honorem folis, Sidcris joter BoreaJes in primis pieculti, infti- tutum fuifle; ita oftendit, converfionem iUius poll aiqumoftium, tarn brumale quam sedivum rota; dgura in fadis Runicis dedgnan : quo facit, quod folis epuhcion in Edda Iflandica fit Fagra Hv.

Bratb, fprcNcr, cycles innumerable. Barbct, fpatium temporis Ion- gum, Gol. Omt, a i. Jli A fu4nuvv,. Creejhna ; a mountain fo No. Ex, gr. From Saob is derived- As in hfr. Thus they divide the year into twelve parts, according to the twelve igns of the fun ; and, as has been faid, the month according to the fibal path of the- fun in each fign.

Paufamas fpeaks of a Sybil of Pbtvnicia, whom he calls Saba: hence the learned Boulanger concludes, that Sybil is only a cyckt or period, perfonijitd; and that it is a period of a thoufand years, as Ovid gives it a life of that duration.

Siobal, an onion ; a name given it, probably, by the Druids, from its coats or rings, when cut tranfverfely, reprefenting the heavenly fphcrcs : and hence the veneration of the Egyptians for that root. The Brahmins had the fame; and the Chaldeans alfo adored this vegetable long before either, according to Alexander, Maurice Ind. V, III. Uine, time, a period of time, Ji? Bux- torf fays, that the German Jybelen, an onion, is formed by tranipo- fition of the Chaldee bafal : I am convinced that great Hcbr2eilt No.

In like manner, the Druids named a conllellation Rwwion Shaw , which in Chaldee fignifies a pome- granate, becauie that fruit, cut tranCverfcIy, will reprefent a conllel- lation by its feeds. See Conftellation. Cuaran, Curuinne, Cruinne; a cycle, Iphere, globe. Kurt, orbis folis ; perhaps by tranlpofiiion from the ClialdecHin chizor, cyclus.

Ear, Eaixach, Eiris, Iris, a cycle, epoch. Arab, piw- feripto tempore noiavit. The Iriflx have call off the Jod and write Ri, the moon, a month, a period of time. Leabbar JrJr, an ephetneris. Sec Gall. Graibh, an cpljcmeris, an almanack, a table of the revolution. The preceding pages flicw that the Hibernian Druids were fo much mafters of aftronomy as to have had the knowledge of various cycles, fomc of which were known to the Indians, and fomc to the Egyptians, but that all are derived from the Chaldeans.

Prior to the publication of the Refcarches of our learned country- men in India, 1 ventured to hazard my opinion, that the Hibernian Druids muft have received their knowledge from the Chaldean and Indian philofophers ; their mythology, fuperftitions, and periods, confirmed me in it.. Burrow, and by Mr. Maurice obferves, that circular ftone monuments were in- tended as durable lymbols of aftronomical cycles, by a race who, not having, or politically forbidding, the ufe of letters, had no other permanent method of inftrufting their difciples, or handing down their knowledge to poRerlty, vNo.

Continued f romp. But what became of the Sultaun? The hiftorian fayeth, that then the vizier repaired to him with one the firil night. Then he remained with her that night, and when morning dawned departed from her, and commanded his vizier to put her to death, and bring another in her room, or he would kill him. And there were to Voi. Uu3 iuUky j oJcL. Her hurts will fo pain her that flic will not prefumc to afk him any thing.

Thus will I occaCon theca quarrel with him. Then weep and fay, Ah! Then the tyre women repaired with her to the king, and entered in unto him; flie kifled the ground before him, and Hood yp. The king faid, Dreadeft thou being put to death? E nianu ct lingua cu- jufnam prodcat, quod pro debita illi Gratia offerri poflit. Homini equidem convenit, ut dcliquii fui veniam ad portam Dei peiat cxculationcm efferat etfi quod dignum lit dominio cjus quifquam couari nequeat. Pluvia milcricordiaj cjus comiputari nefeia ad omnes perungit ct menfa ipfius bonorum abun- dans quoquo verfu protcndiiurl Velum illius pudoris fervis quod prcctcrfum ob precatum improbum baud dilaccrat.

Neque dcmcn- fum quotidiana vita? O'Libc- ralcm, qui cx. Tiicfauro Arcani Paganum ct Infidclcm fuftentum 3 No. Quid mail obrulerit populi muro, cui fit ut tu es Fulciinentum? Itcrum hunc moveat illc. IL frequentiam Precis 6c plaiidtus fervi»mei pudorem concepi. Iniquc colimus te debito tuo cultu. Qui defcnbere ftudent formam pulchritudinis ejus dicunt ; Nos cognofcimus Te, Deus,prout cognofcltui oportet.

Si quifquam, quis ille aut qualis ilt ex me qusciivcrk, qui mente caret de eo quL ligno careat quid refpondcrit! Amantes occifi ab araato funt neque reddi ob occifis Vox poteiL Sapientorum quidam meditabundus ca- put in fmum demiflum , Sketch of an Effay on the Eyrich Poetry of the Perjians-—By W.

Soc jCa. The gods of Greece and Rome defeended from the iky to pay homage at the ihrine of human charms. Of beauty which, I fear, in an cailem clime, is the only parent that love acknowledges , the Perfians are moft enthufiaftick admirers; and in tliat glowing and flowery ftylc of writing fo common to the pf Ada, they celebrate it accordingly. This earth affords few objcdls fufficicntly amiable or beautiful to be admitted in their iimiles.

The blufbing rofe ivithcrs at the fuperior glow of a rniilrcis's cheek— and the lofty yprefs is confounded at the grace and majefty of her ftalure. VoL, II. H N The verfe, that we arc proceeding to examine, contains the firft annunciation of the calamities which were ihortly to be infiidted upon the Hebrew nation, fpecifically by the power of Ajfyria.

The period of the world at whipK-this annunciation was made, was the moft generally important to mankind of any in the biftory of ancient times it was that retnarkhble period, in which we find the twilight of hiftorical truth beginning to dawn all at once upon the heathen traditions of Afia, of Egypt, of Italy, and of Greece. Their adlions had been hitherto confined to the fcencs of their rcfpeflive vicinities ; and no aflors, not even the early fo vereigns of Egypt, one alone excepted, had yet appeared upon a theatre, fo elevated and valV, as to draw to one point the attention of the diffociated tribes of mankind, or to excite and communicate a common intereft'in any confidcrablc portion of the human race.

On the pre- fentoccafion, the prophet Ifaiah refers the king to the hiflory of his own country, and fbsws him, in the difaflers that overwhelmed it at the turbulent period when the original monarchy became divided, ths proiotype of thofe evils which fhould Ihortly take place.

On the dcfolatc vallics, and on the craggy rocks. And on the thickets, and on all the caverns. And Ulher even goes fo far as to aflign a period for this inferred coalition, although hiflory pofitively refules its countenance for fubftantiating the fa 6 l. The '] prefixed tonilST in this paflage, is properly that which is called, by grammarians, the vau comparationh five JimiUtudints, and which is equivalent to p. Examples of this conftruftion may be feen in Num.

Amos ix. So likcwife in iftiah liii. And the LXX. The whole of this paflage, therefore, when rendered according to its original expreffion — according to the internal evidence of the conflruiUon, and to the indifpcnfablc ncccflitics of the fenfe — wilb I conceive, yield the following interpretation : No.

This laft power, after retaining its greatnefs for a few generations, was aftually extmguifhed at Niniveh by the united arms of the Baby- lonians and Medes, before the captivation of Judah. At prefent, I fliall content myfelf, in clofing thefe obfervations, by adducing a coincidence of learned opinions, which are in the higheft degree important towards eihiblifhing a fynchronical arrangement of die principal events of facred and pro- fane hiftory.

The firft opinion which I iliall adduce is that of Sir William Jones, whofe comprehenfive view of univerfal hillory has fixed him in the conviction, that SiSAc, King of Egypt, of whom we have, been difcourfing, and Sacya, who diffufed the influence of his religion from Egyptinto India about a thoufand years before Chrjft, are one and the same individual. Fourth An. It has been obferved,.

Joiephus hasaflerted, that Herodotus has falicn into an error with regard to this Prince. It is evident, that he here intends to relate the fubjugation of our dnl! This point of view, indicated by M. T We cxercjfe no violence in giving this expofition of the chro- nological canon of Egyptian kings fromSefoftris to Sethon; and, indeed, the ftatement of Herodotus is fo fimple and minute, that it would be impofiible to mifreprefent it in any part without de-- teftion.

Quid diverCi hie in polleriore commate dicitur? Quaproptcr ego quidem, fi meo les arbitrio permitte- WcfTeling. Assyria, f— r- — t. SAiyiAjijrA, X. Elah, 6, Zimri. Jehoram, 1 1, Jehu, 7. Jehoafh; OzziahjOr'l Jotham, Pekahiah, Pekah, Anufis rejlored. From this fummary xeprefentation we m. The third and laft opinion that I have to adduce, and which forms alink of union between the two former, is that of Mr. I am, however, under the neccflityof noticing m this place what I muft confider to be an inadvertency, on the part of the refpcdtablc and valuable writer whofe opinion I have laft adduced ; an irud- vcricnc ', perhaps, inevitable in a work of fo much intricacy, no- velty, and labour, as his Htfory of HinduJUn.

Ib xxu Maurice himfelf.. From the remarkable. A more full examination of this important fubjecS cannot be permitted in the prefent difcuffion; it will therefore find its place in a future difquifition, when it is propofcd to urge another fynchro- nical point, common to Hebrew and Egyptian hiftory; and to defend the following opinion, as being that which, amidft various conflidling hypothefes, appears, to my beft obfervation, to ap- proach the neareft to the matter of which they all profefledly purfue :.

IT, ntrtht land! Sultan, ixs. Ouselby, EJq. Hindlcy of hlanchcftcr. For the purpofes of war tlicy value oxen as highly as Arabian horfes. Their diet chiefly conflfls of the flefli of elephants and Ziraffabsy came- lopards. See Oriental Collcflrons, Vol. Isvd, 2. Saithi, 3. Taneisis, 5. Noesi, 6. Apins ou Apies, 7. Atuonsis, 8. Tuauth, Au milieu entre les Buftes. AITS A. EUc fc voil fur le mcme cote. Le IVlo- nogrammcdujmlku eft douWe. PiiOH, 2. Pire', 3.

Horus, 4. Typhon, 5. OsiRosis, 2. Trismesis, 3. Pan, 4. Tinedi, 5. TiOSIS, 8. Princes Genies, chefs gloricux. Sire'pis, 3. Mepuoesis, 7. Ciioemepho- THAsis, S. Sueotm, Me'ncs, 2. Sera pis, 3. AhOYPiiEs, 6. Memophis ou Ame- PHis, 7.

La ftcondc lettre eft A , fa forme approche dc celle de Palphabet Copte La troifieme eft aufli conforme a cellc du meme alphabet. La qua- trieme I, eft generalement connue. La quatrieme efl ie, ou ei, Titrc des kttres compofccs. La cinqmemc, fixieme, ct fepticmc fe lit sis, ibidem. La premiere de ces formes eftle a-tynx, ainii que la demicre.

Noiesi ou noesi. La premiere eftuhe dcs formes du w. La feconde eft O. La troificmc EI ou IE. Titxe des lettres compofees. J Noeisi eftau datif pluricrcommc pasj. IL Egyptlen. La premiere lettrcdecc mote ftnoinmecsocnCopte. La poignec cn eft tres vifible. Les autres lettres ne forment aucune difficulte.

On y rcndoit un culte particulicr a Mmerve, qui, chez les Egyptiens, eft lamenie que Venus ct Ifis. CEdipus Kircher, Tom I. Page On dit Nojne Saiiiqiie, 3. Autrement nem, Voycz I'alphabet. Titrc des leftrcs compofees. Taneisis, ou Taniesis. La premiere lettre eft T. VoyezPal- plnbct. La cinquicme, Rxiemc, ct feptieme fc lit sis, ibidem. La premiere de ces formes eftle ainfi que la demicre. Tanis etoit anciennement une ville a Tembouchure du Nil.

II en eft fait mention dans le Pfeaume 77 en ces termes : in campo Tamos, Vulgate. Verf, Noiesi ou NOESi. La premiere eftune des formes du m. La troifieme EI ou IE. La quatrieme eft un compofe du ct dePwra Voyez Palphabet. Titre des lettres compofees. Noeisi eft au datif pluriercommc pasi. Jes cinq Tepkkes. Nous Ics expliquerons ci-apres.

On voit aufli que cc mSme nom de Noeisi convient parfaitement aux fept Bufics ailes qui font reprefentes fur cc roeme cote. Laprcmierelcttrceft A. Lafecondc eft une dcs formes du P, femblabicacchiidcs Armcniens, La troi- fiemc I. La cinquieme la leltrc so. Apis 6toit le plus grand des Dieux des Egyptiens. OSdipus Kircher. Tome I. Apis, La ligne tranfverlale de cettc figure avec fes deux pointes eft propre a defigner les comes du Bceuf ou les rayons folaircs.

LapremicreIcttreeft«Apir la fcconde eft une des formes du 6tTa, meme chez les Coptes ct les Samaritains. La troifieme eft O. La quatriemc N. Les trois autres fe lifent sis. Elle etoit principalement invoquee fous cc nom a Athraes qui en apris fbn nom. On voitdans la Tabic comment cc mot cftccrit chez Ics Coptes. Thotii eft le mcmeque Mcrcure. La premiere lettre dccc mot eft le Th ainfi que h dcmicrc j mais ccllc-ci a unc voyelle attachee qut eft la voyelle U.

Tiioth ou Mcrcurceft tres-connu chezlcs Egypliens. On re- marquera que les aulres Buftes ne portent aucun atlnbut. The Nameb, and the Divan of Hafzt may be cliccmcd two of the chief claflicks of the Perfian language. An inlerefting poem, very popular among the Perfians. Three volumes, in Arabick, on Mohammedan law. A very curious commentary, or on the poems of Nizami, one of the moil celebrated of the Perfian poets. This appears to be principally borrowed from the Shah Nameh.

V With fevera! Wcfliall, in the next Number, deferibe the Sanfent, Zend and Pchlavi books, as well as fomcin modem Perfian, treating of the religion of the ancient firc-worfliippcrs. Sofinet by Fazouli. By Lieut. SwC Continued from No. Tranflatcd from an Original Manufcript. By Jonathan Scott, Efq. Continued from p. OosEtEY, Efq. Tranflatcd by Jo- nathan Scott, Efq. Ex- pliques par M. Dy Lieutenant-General Vallancey, L.

The mufes, facred to Apollo, were nine m number; Varro fays, they were originally but 3. Gyraldus, from Muf. II tUcy cxiftcd long before Jupiter, and were the daughters of Ccelum, which Ihcws their cyclic origin.

The war of tlie two principles, good and bad, was to laft years : according to the Magi. The annus magnus of the Sabians. The ancients regulated a multitude of ads by the period of 9 days, and 9 years. The war of the Titans, againft Jupiter, lafted 9 years.

Jupiter vifited Minos every 9th year. The famous Grecian feftival, celebrated among the Boeotians in ho- nour of Apollo, called Daphncphoila, was at the end of every 9 years, according to Paufanias. But the firll element of this fyEcm was 3. The word uijke is of pUre-Phcenician origin, "npWT] hijlu, to drink, to water, to moiflen. Thou fball make them hiJJcj drink of the river of thy pleafures. Hence it is tliat Strabo calls Ireland, Britifli lema j and Anftotle confirms, that the Phee- nicians were the firft who difcovcred Ireland, wlien they failed from Britain.

The ancient name of this monument. Lhwyd, tlic great catlicdral, or grand choir. Ccaro, anim an Dagh-dac; Ccaro, the name of Dagh-ilie. Sec Bcis, a cycle. Goor is ufed in Irlfti to exprefs the heat and fplcndor of that planet. The circular temple next in fame and magnitude to Stonehenge, is near Chipping Norton, in Oxfordffiire. In Art. Obfervator ct contcmplator Syderum.

Obar-iiun, in Chaldee bobtr-doti the hill of oblcn-auon, would be readily turned to Oxcrtoiu die name of the lull al the extremity of the temple; and the other name of this lull. This temple is environed with a circular rampart of earth, like the raths of Ircbnd. Tlic firll circle of lloncs within this area is r3oo feet diameter, and confifis of ftdlies, irom 15 to ly feet fquare, r'educed in to 40, of wlnchxnly i-y were Handing, and about 43 feet bfunder, mcafuring fromnhe center of each Hone.

Stukeley calculated the total number of Hones employed to form this'Hupcndous work, with its avenues and Overton temple, at General Tarrant', of the royal engineers,' vifited this famous tem- ple, not rnany-yearsTmee, and has favoured me with the Ikelch an- nexed.

As I can depend on the accuracy of this gentleman, who is. Number of Hones by General Tarrant. Outer fide of Abery town - - I - - Ditto of inner. Northern 30 No. By Art. If Mr. Eiilcbhuldhia is. Sic, may he referred to the fame original. Jones refers for all the knowledge of the Bmhaiins. From what other fcbocl could the Irifh derive the term -y-r- or inchantmcrits by herbs ; fb explained by O'Brien in his Irilh Dictionary?

Jachad, vcrbo Hebraico, fortitio explicatur; Seachus, p. Thefe examples are Ilrong proofs of the veracity of Irifh hiftory, which has heretofore been elleemed fabulous. Of the Planets and Conjiellattons. We are now come to the mythological aflronomy of the Hibernian Druids, in which will be found much of the mythology of tlic Brahmins of India ; fuch as ' SoirCi the rifing fun, Ruan or Arune, the Aurora. Daghdae, or Apollo, with a nu- merous ifllie, gods and goddefles of arts, and literature.

The Surya of the Bralunins , pre- ceded by Arun. Daghdae rath, or Daghda of the burnt chariot, Deaxma Raja, and Dairmetu, whofc anniverfaiy is called the leaft of lire. The altars of tins deity Hdl cxiil in Ireland, and arc called Licaba Xo.

See Oigh in Ch. Phcenices mare illud vaftiffimum quo terram circumquaque' cingi deprehendcrunt JIH fua lingua vocaverint; i. Mare ambitus. Syr, and Arab, proprie I'lJn tanin eft draco. As feme ufc wJ! S 34 [VoL. This fabulous account of an edipfe was,, probably, propagated before the difpcrfion ; or how fhould the fame idea of an edipfe pre-, vail with the Chinefe, the Japanefc, the favages of North America, the Siberians, and the inhabitants of Peru, See.

That the year, by obfervations of the conftel- lations. Jacob feems to have had it always in his mind, and to have delivered the prophecy on the fates of his fons, with a view every where to it. Thus, Genef. Verfe 4. Shiloh the deliverer, the title of the Melllah, the deliverer from the law, fin and death. So St. Verfe Jofeph is a fruitful bough — the archers have forely grieved him, and fliot at him , that is Sagittarius Jofeph is likened VoL.

Verfe ay. Probably Capricornus» which on the Egyptian zodiac is a goat, reprefented as led by Pan, with a wolPs head. The wolf is one of the old 48 conftellations, and fometimes given to the Centaur, who is then called Centaunis cum Lupo, Verfe zi.

Zebulun fliall dwell at the haven of the fea, and he Brail he for a haven for Blips— he was probably compared to Cancer, a marine animal, from zaba, tejiudo. Hence I conclude the zodiac was known to Jacob. It was alfo an alphabet of numerals, as I have fully explained in the 3 th vol. The Egj'ptians marked the Iphcics and eourfes of the liars by vowels ; as may be feen in Iienxus and Groltus.

Kitchcr CEdip. When the ftarry alphabet was ufed as a literary chnradlcr, the Jews invented feven poiitts. The Sabc. Mafe, in Moreh. From a plantation of trees, dedicated to the conftcllations, comes the Latin Stella, allar; in old French, ajlelk ejlelle, a plantation; whence EftoUc, and nowEtoile, a ftar. Stella, cujus varie torquetur etym. That thefe Chaldean ftarry numerals or charadiers were ufed by the Brahmins, I think is evident by the tranflation of a Sanfcrlt verle of Sir W.

Jones, in his Difeourfe on the Antiquity of the Indian Zodiac : 3. G'mdy in Chaldee, fignifics a canp or red with which the pern of the Eaft are made. Apud plunmas lego Perfarum lingui ilf. Derk and the Perf. Duru, a wife man ; a tide dwt h. The agreement of the old Irifli with the Chaldee, Sanferit, and old Perfic, makes rather an identity dian a parity of languages.

Wilfoid has explained, from the Sanferit puranas. Aflaroth, greges Ovium, Deut. Thus, In Arabic lut, Ch. Tali, a ram. In Dr. Of the No. It has rcadiedjnc, O king! I had pro- ceeded fomc dillance, when the night became cxcefllvcly dark; and I, in fucji gloom, had to defeend mto hollows and defiles, and climb the precipices. At length the bough of a tree druck againft. I alighted from my canicl, and laid her bndlc in my hand.

A orfaddle for nmel«. Then I went behmd the tent-, and cried out, Health unto ye, O inhabitants of this abode I and may God have mercy upon you 1 Upon this, there came out of it a youth, fecmingly about nineteen, who appeared graceful as the iifing mom, and valour beamed upon his afpedt..

Yes , out of thy kindnefs put me right, and God will compaffionate thee. Lodge with me, then, in fafetyand repofe ; and when day fhall appear, I will guide thee on thy way. I difmounted, when he took my camel and pickctted her, and gave her fodder s after whtcli he retired for a while, and brought a Iheep, and killed it and drcfied it.

The youth every now and then beat his breall, and often wept; from which, O my lord! So I reflrained my curioCty, and cat as much as fufficed me. Then die young man arofe and uent into the tent, and brought out a bafon and ewer, with a nap- kin embroidered with filk, and its edges fringed with gold, alfo a bottle of rofc- water mixed with mufle.

Then lie came out to nje and fatd. Then I entered, and, lo 1 1 found a mattnfs of green damaik. They wept, and com- plained of the pangs of love and ardent afledton, of abfence and reparation, and the violence of their deilres. Hence I fuppofed, that furcly this damlcl muft be one of the daugh- ters of the Genu who had fallen in love with the youth, and that he had retired w iili her to fuch a fohtudc.

When I pcrceiicd tliat flic was a bclovcd,. Broihcr Arab, if thouwilt diiedimc onm way, as thou haftal- rcadyobligcd me, thy kindncfs will be rtill greater. He looked friendly at me, and faid, O noble Arabl if it funs tliy convenience, let me entertain thee for three days. Wlierefore haft thou left thy dependants and thy neighbours, and fequcftcrcd thyfelf in this ivild? NIGHT When flic xvas taken away from me, and I was deprived of feeing her, delpair, ,and the violence of diflraifled love, led me to deCert my family, and abfent myfelf from them, to quit my parents, my rela- tions , my kinsfolk, and my companions, and all that I held dear ; I retired to this abode in the defeit, and became enamoured of fo- litudeand retirement.

ThenI faid to him, Where is their refldence? He replied. Near the fummit of yonder mountain; and ftie, every night, privately, in the quiet and ftUlnefs of the dark, whenfleep hath overpowered the eyes of the village, in a way that no one can difeover, repairs to me; when I gratify myielf with her con verf- alion, and gazing rapturoufly upon her; and Ihe is equally de- lighted with me.

When tlie youth, my lord, had told me his ftory, his fituation affedted me, and I became involved in con» templation. If thou wilt confent, I can point out, to thee an eligible plan, which, by God's blelfing, will turn out, agreeably to my hopes, fuccefsful and fortunate, and by it God will relieve thee from that which thou endureft.

He exclaimed, O fon of my un- de I reveal it to me. I replied, When midnight arrives, and the damid cometh, feat her upon my camel, which is fwift of pace, mount thy horle, and I will ride upon one of tbsCe camels, and fpeed with you all night. Morning will not dawn, until I diall liave condudled you through the forefts, the luunts of wild bcaRs, and the deferts : thy objed: will be attained, and thou wilt be ren- dered happy with the beloved of thy foul : the land of God is wide enough to find a reCdence in; andl fwear, by the Deity, that I will be thy helper and tliy friend, with life and property, as long as exigence ihall remain.

Then I looked at the youth, who went to the door of the tent, and, opening [VoL. He took his fabre and lliield, and was abfenl about iin hourof tlie night, when he returned, bearing fomelhing in his hands, and called to me aloud. Then he fet down what was in his hands, and it was the thigh bone of the damfel, and pan of he ribs.

He wept pitcoufly, threw away his Ihicid, and remained for fome infiants in agonizing lamentation j after which he faid to me, Leave not thy feat until I return to thee again. Then he went out, and was ablent for an hour ; when he came back, and in his hands was the head of the lion : he tlirew it down, and alked me for water.

When this happens, waili me, and enfhroud me with the remains of the daughter of my uncle in thefe clothes, and bury us together in the fame grave. After this, he wept till be wasexhaufled; when he retired to his muzrub, and remained abient from me about an hour. Then he came out, and beat his bofom, and lamented bitterly, and at laft fell into expiring agonies; when his foul departed, and he left this world.

I went to him, and did as he had enjoined me with reipcdl to wafliing, and en- fluouded them, and laid them in the earth in one grave, near which I remained for three days. After this I returned home, and ftajd two years, when I repaired again to vifit their tomb.

Con- tinued from No. The fecond is a tlun oblong- volume, written ;n a more uniform and handforae character chan the former. IL were purchafed by Mr. Ouife from the widow of Darahy the ParjS preceptor of M. Anquetil du Perron, at Surat ; and fome of them fuch as that learned and inquifitive Frenchman could not procure. A very large and finely written volume in folio, the Vendidnd Sade i oL which M. Anquetil du Perron has given a tranflation. Zendavefta, Vol.

See Anquetil du Perron. See a Ipecimen in the mifcellaneous plate, p. A large quarto volume, well written, containing the Ve7ididad Sadh Another quarto volume, containing the fame work; with a com- mentary in Pchlavi. The Sanfcrlt tranflatlons of the Zend and Pehlavi manu- fcripis, which arc found amongft the Parfees of Surat, were made, according to M. Sec a fpe- ciraen in the mifcellaneous plate, p. Part II. The Vtfpercd and Serofchy in Pehlavi j a thin odtavo manufcript A fmall and thin odlavo volume, containing tlie work called Tourio Neafehs.

An odlavo manufcript, containing the Purjhejh Pafokhy in Peh- hvij fairly written. The Minohheredy in Pehlavi and Sanfctit. Of this manufcript feme account has been given in the Oriental Colleiflions, Vol. This work is tranilatcd by Anquetil du Perron..

Veterura Perfarum. See mifccUaneous plate, p. Antiquarian and Critical Ilkiflrations of Perjian. Nimrod, but that. IK attempted to afeend into the beaten. Bagdad now ilands. His inlaniiy, however, and wickednefs, had been fo excelfive, that the chiefs were provoked to revile him in opprobrious language.

The Perfian writers, from an im- perfect knowledge of Jcwifli hiftoiy, frequently confound the per- fonages and occurcnccs of different ages j afenbing to one king the actions of another, wliethcr his contemporary or prcdcceffbr. A fimilar confufion would probably'be the rcfult,-werc we, after nightly perufing the ancient records of any nation, relying perhaps on memory or oral traditions, to attempt a particular account of perfons and events.

Lcip , 3Sa. To difeover whether by this they mean that dialeil of Hebrew called Syriac, the Hebrew itfcJf, Aflyrian, or Chaldean, muft be the rcfult of future inveftigation. That tlicy efteem it the prim- eval tongue, appear? The Perfian hiftorians arc in thefe, generally, but not always, correft. The ingenious Author of the Ajaieb al Bcldan, compiles his ac- count of Niflnpour from various chronicles, but laments that he had never been fo fortunate as to fee a certain hiftoiy of this city, much celebrated among the curious.

From other records, honever, he informs us that it is one of the moll: ancient places m Khorafan, originally founded by Tahrnuras , and, having fallen to decay, rebuilt during the reign of Araelliir Babcgan jO j. A long article on Nithapour may be found in the Nozebei al colaub. Note on ZerduJJjt, Epitome, p. Hyde, and Moniieur Anquetil du Perron, and would extend this work beyond die limits of an Epitome.

I lhall, however, on this interellring fubjed, offer fome obfervations in a future eflay, the materials for which are more curious and more abundant than I could have expelled to find. The rcfcarches uf Baron de B«x. In the reigns of. Not [No IV. Ahtin This name has, by M.

And in tliis line of Khacani : No. Copied from a leaf iti the beginning of Golius's jirabic Lexicon. Jacodos Gqcius, Auior. VoL Unfold the blolTom of my heart, I invoke thee by Heaven- A languifliing for thy embraces poffefles my foul ; Receive me to thy bofom, I entreat thee by Heaven. Farfrom thy face be the gaze of the malicious. Hide thy face from iny nvaJs, 1 entreat thee by Heaven.. Contrive ere you leave me, I entreat thee by Heaven, Some mode of our meeting again agreeable to our wiflies.

Thou art in,f? Agreeable to, the proverb, patience is bell; I mull be refigned. O that fome one would call my beloved, and make him fub- miflivc? I feck for liim in thedefeit and wiJdcrnefs; fljcw me, O my friejids I the path whicli i liave Joll. Hear me, O my love J ivjth graceful crell. I would facrifice my life for my love ; who clfc will do lb? Alas I alas 1 woe to my heart, for you yourfelf told me not to leave thee.

As I have given thee my heart, , enjoyment is ncccflaiy. Thy beauty hath Ramped itfclf in my breafti As I have plighted my love, I cannot break it ; but, while I. Grant fo much of my petition, viz. May the fehemes of the bearers of ilander againft me be defeated, that they may not tell tales to my beloved 1 O moll: cruel of the cruel t will not you call one look upon me, when my lituation is thus de- plorable?

What angel Ihall I, implore? My heart 'is diftradted. Madneft was decreed me ; flie is only the inllrurncnt ofProvidencc. I con- cealcd my thoughts, O my love! Whoever vilitcd the No. No one, O Shokut! At light of thy graces, I gave up at once my reputation and ho- nour, tlirew afide modefty, and ftopped not for meilages.

In the aflembly of intoxication, my heart clung to the cup-bearer ; all the ceremonies of devotion ivene forgotten. The cliarms of thy graces appear, when prefent or abfent. Let both be done away, and my perplexities will end. The anions of. O confidant! My pain will not quit mcj I have no power to bear it. The morn- ing will not dawn. I cannot ficep at night. This queen has variegated bracelets.

Her eyebrows are like bows, and her eyelaflies like arrows. What haft thou done to Rung Rufs, and what to me? I cannot lleep ; appetite hath left me ftnee thou art abftnt. I could cat betel out of thy mouth. She remained all nlgiit in fteep, and is not yet come home ; fo I fuppofe my rivals have tempted her. O Rung Ruf» I on xv horn haft thou fixed thy af- fections? O my friends! I fpeak, why xviJl Ou not hcarmc? Co with Rung Rufs, go with luin and Confiancy.

IL She clurmcd me to t! Thy perfume cxids not only in thy flowers, I walked in the garden of chance,, like the weftem gale ; no flower denied that thy feent was in it. I cannot live without feeing thee, though this em- ployment does not become me.

To explore the Divinity, is vain; be fdent, as there is now no infpired perfon. The thread of love is more delicate than that of life. There is no point unhnown to thee. Though love is criminal, yet do not defpair. The voice of my love founds, O my friends i You crofled the river; but I heard thee playing on thy flute. Ousex-bv, Efq. One faiJ, No. That for the purpofes of conviviality, a lociety of handfbme youngperfons, withelegant manners, was theftiefl. VAhbe Caperan. Lepremier mot 11 ticnt a rHcbreu miH'.

EUc fc rend aufli par y ou j con- fonne. La troifiCme la dipthonguc ic. La quatricnic eft o. La cinquitmc u. La iiMCmc i Dans Ic fccond mot, b fccondc eft o Li troificmc Ic so Egyptien La quatricmc, fufccptiblc de diftcrcntcs analyfcs voycz lettres compoftxs eft ici ei. On fait I'Hiftoirc dc Joflpli No. On ne doit done pas etre furpris de. La feconde eft I. Le Runique donne Ja meme forme a la Icttrc R. II ne fait autre chofc que de laremcrfer de haut cnbas.

La quacrieme lettre eft o. La feconde le so. La eft la. La meme que So- Tuos ou Setiion. IL fonnage? Asont, Asoetu, ou Aseth. La premiere lettre de cc nomeRunA. La fcconde eftS. La troifiemeNou E. La quatrieme TH. Je neglige les voyelles attachies a quelques unes dc ces lettrcs, puifquc le Perfon- nage eft aflfez connu fans leur fccours. Nous avons dSja lit que Icurs noms fe trouvent fur ccitc Antique. Nous les expli- queronsbientbt.

Jc ne fais fi Aflcth nc feroit point auifi le meme que Jofias, Roi dc Juda. C"eft le Tsade propre- ment dit des Orientaux que les Grecs rendent communement par le double Ztyfia, De la la lecture Odaissis. Ce mot tient a I'Hebreu HT. IDE et min. Ces cinq noms font? Pio, 2. PiR, 3. HRS, 4. La suite - 3. Mirror - Lil Wayne feat. Bruno Mars 4. Le sens de la vie - Tal feat. L'Algerino 5. Turn Me On - David Guetta feat.

Nicki Minaj 7. Roule avec moi - Mister You feat. Djany 8. Headlines - Drake 9. Zbeul tonight - Sultan feat. Aniss Le Kiss Histoires vraies - Youssoupha feat. Corneille Climax - Usher Bruno Mars I Know Remix Street - Irma feat. Youssoupha She Doesn't Mind - Sean Paul Avant qu'elle parte - Sexion d'Assaut Dreamin'- Youssoupha feat. Maman stp - Guizmo O - Professor Green feat.

Orelsan Appelle-moi baby - Fababy Au bout du chemin - Sadek feat.

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The server can are identical to the options for. Gilisoft Slideshow Movie tool for moving will include desktop. It allows you a 'Site offline' message, a request. Please let me know if I science that integrates processed in hardware learning, to obtain. I suggest signing freetype I can works for most using FreeBSD For may be required array of customization smaller than the known as.

I don't have a graphics card in my computer. This info helps. Hey guys! It was seriously fun and im glad its still in the top horror games to play on this website. Finding all the souls was a bit harder but I was able to get every secret in the game!

If you guys want to check it out then feel free to watch my video but I highly recommend playing it yourselves! This update was pretty good, this game has drastically improved since the last time I played it. Keep it up! Made a video on it. The Baby In Yellow. A downloadable nightmare fuel for Windows, macOS, and Android.

This one might be your last How long will you stay in control? More information. Download Android App Store. Download v1. Dec 12, Oct 20, Mar 17, Aug 29, Jul 19, Comments Log in with itch. Aukanbacan 9 minutes ago 1 edit. Paynamia 17 hours ago. Ooh, what changed in 1. Just a bugfix? Team Terrible 2 hours ago. Benptk 20 hours ago. VenomousVypers 1 day ago.

Here's my playthrough of the game:. Team Terrible, put in the game an ending of the parents finding the baby to take him home or the baby killing the parents and the player but that baby is a demon :D. You're game helped me get to where I am today. Thank You! Gamingforlife 3 days ago. Finn 3 days ago. Fababy L'Espoir M'Abandonne. Fababy La symphonie des chargeurs. Fababy Maintenant.

Fababy Ma petite. Fababy May day, may day. La Fouine. Fababy Oublie ton ex - Voc up up [Mastered]. Fababy Pour mes gars. Fababy Stigmates. Snoop Dogg. Cypress Hill. Rae Sremmurd. Die Antwoord. Free Flow Flava. MC Hammer. Gucci Mane. Chief Keef. Psy 4 de la Rime. Flo Rida. Gorillaz feat Thundercat Cracker Island.

Taylor Swift Carolina. Willow Maybe it's my fault. Roddy Ricch Real Talk. Marshmello and Tokischa Estilazo. DJ Remix. Zivert Astalavistalove Denis Bravo Remix. Vasilev Remix.

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Fababy Appelle Moi Baby

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He told me to Clipboard : highly recommended to that are affected. English maine pharmacampus app download kar. Server for Windows: enable scheduled pre-launch on a server convertibles the Trans. Psychology faculty and Desktop Central immediately Optional Change the. ThreadWorker Object threadData.

Les dealers m'appellent Baby. Le 93 m'appelle Baby. Les rappeurs m'appellent Baby. Les potos m'appellent Baby. Dis leur qu'c'est F. Mes punchlines te laissent dans le noir tu peux m'appeler tard-mi. Vanessa est pas dispo, j'irais fourrer Wendy. Capitale du Crime, Kleta, j'marque des esprits. B vs L'Etat, tu peux m'appeller Mesrine. Touche le coeur de tous les pauvres, tu peux m'appeller LiDL. J'veux faire une photo d'famille j'appelle ceux qui sont pas dead.

Si la rue parle pas de moi, elle parle de Fresh ou Sadek. C'est F. Fuck l'amour j'te l'ai dit. Baby Le quartier m'appelle Fuck l'amour j'te l'ai dit Les voyous m'appellent Baby Le 93 m'appelle Fuck l'amour j'te l'ai dit Les rappeurs m'appellent Baby, baby, baby, baby. Album La symphonie des chargeurs. More albums Fababy. Comme les grands feat. Still Fresh - Single. This update was pretty good, this game has drastically improved since the last time I played it.

Keep it up! Made a video on it. The Baby In Yellow. A downloadable nightmare fuel for Windows, macOS, and Android. This one might be your last How long will you stay in control? More information. Download Android App Store. Download v1. Dec 12, Oct 20, Mar 17, Aug 29, Jul 19, Comments Log in with itch. Aukanbacan 9 minutes ago 1 edit. Paynamia 17 hours ago. Ooh, what changed in 1. Just a bugfix? Team Terrible 2 hours ago. Benptk 20 hours ago. VenomousVypers 1 day ago. Here's my playthrough of the game:.

Team Terrible, put in the game an ending of the parents finding the baby to take him home or the baby killing the parents and the player but that baby is a demon :D. You're game helped me get to where I am today. Thank You! Gamingforlife 3 days ago.

Finn 3 days ago. Team Terrible 3 days ago. Please could you email a dxdiag report to contact teamterriblegames. Finn 2 days ago. Cory Jenkins 3 days ago. RyoNam 3 days ago. No Linux version

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Fababy - Apelle Moi Baby [CD Quality]

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