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Nahr peterbourg aident optimis? Gastfreundschaft Farben Ger?? Traquer employ? A last quick question, can I make windows linux and mac programs with it, or I limited here? Does it matter if the preseeded file is in oder th options within? Hey guys, I'm using ndiswrapper for wireless. My wifi light doesn't come on. What's going on? Does anyone know or have a guide how to install a GUI on a vps using yum.

Meckin: You do realise that yum is for redhat, not ubuntu, right? HIjustme, open terminal and type lspci grep VGA what does it say? HIjustme, yep, shouldn't require any tweaking at all. Forgot your password? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. HIjustme: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel.

Are there any programs that I can use to make a slideshow picture movie with music in a format like avi or mpeg? Also see! This is a virgin install, but it was on the lan during the install. Googling hints this could be a false positive? I am a new had here,I'm tyring to find out how to use this tool, my english is very very poor there may be a lot of mistakes in my words ,please check them out and tell me ,thank you.

I just formatted my external HDD using mkdosfs and gparted sees it as "unallocated" After switching to Ubuntu, I have noticed that my speakers are noticeably quieter than when I had Vista on my machine. Is there a way to update a driver, or override something and make this louder? The speakers are almost inaudible. HIjustme: you asked that earlier. There is nothing to do.

It is automatic. I tried to apt-get insall a packet and it failed and it didn't matter except that now, each time I get a new package, it installs the new one properly but also wants to try to install the old again and again it doesn't work. Lakesprose: which package exactly? Can anyone help me figure out why, even when I blacklist ssb and b43, ssb still starts up and steals my wifi firmware from ndiswrapper?

HIjustme: looks normal. What is your concern with it? LakesProse you're welcome, though I have no experience with this program and why it does not install correctly. I thought i cant have done it right. LakesProse: if you mess something with apt up, sudo dpkg --configure -a and sudo apt-get -f install are very helpful also. Are user id numbers important? I'm restoring a user to this box, and he will have a different id from what the restore will reflect. HIjustme, cat you paste the results of groups command, should be one line.

I would use the shell but I don't know how to program fades and you got to have a smooth transition when waking up. I guess HP is aware of this. There are many ways to back your system up. HIjustme, mine problem was a permissions problem which you just ran a fix for. There is usually a sane solution there maybe a package in -proposed for example. I know its not pidgin, but rather a problem with my wireless card.

HIjustme, cool can you try using this file instead, open xorg. Does the tomcat6 package from aptitude come with Tomcat Native? Rad , sudo gparted from there on its pretty self explanatory. Registration help available in freenode. I'm going to sleep now. Requested 'glib My email is in the pm. I'm on step 4 of 7 in the partitioning area. It doesn't even mount or anything. The camera also seems to be getting no signal from my comp It's in the correct mode, so I'm at a loss for what to do.

I don't know what dmesg is, gimme a sec to look up. HIjustme, it might be a bug in xorg. I'm on Intrepid Ibex and my computer won't recognize any CDs. It used to recognize them no problem. What can I do? HIjustme, can you pastebin the results of dpkg -l grep xserver-xorg-video. HIjustme, also are you sure your system is completely up to date? How do you show the names for things on your panel across the top in Gnome Ubuntu?

That would also be agains the channel code of conduct. HIjustme, you don't. HIjustme: according to that forum post, it was working fine a week ago. Even with a lack of driver support it'll show something. Hardware fault somewhere. HIjustme, the card is there it recognizes it fine, just cant enable drm. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. I have mounted the drive as the user, but i can write or "ls' it.

Is there a way how to findout what version of ubuntu I have? HIjustme: that is a very slow GPU, and intel doesn't have much motivation to optimize it, but it was working a week ago. HIjustme, try enabling backports repository in synaptic see if there's an update for xorg-intel driver. But are you SURE you're connected from the camera's perspective? Nasra: not in your IRC client. On the command line. HIjustme, worked fine for me on hardy.

HIjustme, you put the tick there and tried updating your packages? HIjustme, pretty much any of them should work, but then again hardy should work fine with it as well. HIjustme: I don't know what problem you have specific to your hardware. Intel graphics have always been supported. At any rate, it's always best to try the latest release when you're having issues. HIjustme, im reluctant to suggest to upgrade from long term support distribution just because of a buggy driver but it seems like a chance.

HIjustme: you can either upgrade, or do a completely new install. I unstall the 64 bit version and I install the 32 bit instead everything works fine for me now. HIjustme, right as tritium said boot into livecd and see if you get direct rendering on it. Y it is necessary to install build-essential if I want to install Ruby on Rails on my Ubuntu 8. HIjustme, boot from it, open terminal and type glxinfo grep direct.

HIjustme: then it's working as you want it, and you can consider upgrading, or reinstalling from scratch with 8. HIjustme, if its intrepid, i guess it means that it should work on intrepid. Ubuntu and! Im looking for a version of the "old english" type fonts but failing miserably. In my star menu somewhere? I used to have an entry to install Ubuntu 8.

Wo finde ich eine Beschreibung de Firefox-Plugins 'ubiquity'? Das Eingeben von 'about:ubiquity' erzeugt keine Ausgabe bei mir. My computer won't recognize any CDs. Where can I find a description of the Firefox plugin 'ubiquity'? Entering 'about:ubiquity' in Firefox' input line does not produce any result with me. I can manually mount the CD. How do I get it to mount automatically when I put it in? Ubuntu isn't designed to do that. When those assumptions do not hold, we don't give effective help.

Please join linux for more general help -- there are many informative and friendly people in that channel. Works neother in Ubuntu nor Vista. Wired was working fine. Selecting a wireless connection froze Ubuntu. I'm trying to print using some certificates that I bought at staples. Unfortunately, I see the text I printed also offset part way, probably because it was still on the roller.

I had the paper set to plain in the printing options. What thickness should I use? Thick Paper? How can I fix this? Can you describe the problem more precisely? Hello everyone. Take a look at sbackup, it can do remote backup and restores. When I plug in the flash drive, I get the error message "Cannot mount volume," followed by more details. Should I post the entirety of the error message? Look them up in the manual, if you haven't already. If you're getting some sort of error, let's hear it.

If the message is more than a couple lines long, please use pastebin so that it doesn't take up space in the channel. My screen just randomly dims has nothing to do with power settings. Titan: it is a USB drive. That's a really fun computer to run Ubuntu on, believe you me. Thanks for the help anyway! If something goes awry, come and ask again. Every time a new Ubuntu comes out it's new problems with that laptop.

What I do is keep a bunch of kernels on it and make notes on which ones are the best, so that I can submit hints to the kernel team. Entering 'about:ubiquity' in Firefox's input line does not produce any result with me. Titan: making a partition in ubuntu automatically makes it a ext3? If you right-click on network-manager-applet and click "edit connections", does it have the listing there?

I can't figure out the regexp for "[bob]" in the string "bob bob [bob] bob"? Thanks for any help!! It's too bad that they aren't both places. Now everybody paying attention in the room has it fresh in their memories and can answer when he comes back.

I am trying to use UNetbootin to install ubuntu to my PC from my usb drive. I can boot fine from the partition, but when it loads I assume it's grub that's loading the characters displayed are all unreadable. Like if you try to open up docx in wordpad or something. Any ideas on how to get around that?

Nalf: It sounds like something is very fundamentally wrong. Perhaps the image is corrupted. Ryanprior, I have tried several images and I have even redownloaded UNetbootin. Nalf: have you tried Ubuntu's supported flash-drive install creator? Peddy: the default is runlevel 2 i guess i could use the init command to switch to run 3. Horrible, I know. I could be wrong, but in any case, disabling gdm should stop X starting, which is pretty much runlevel 3.

I try to add komodo edit to my path variable with this.. I suggest you search those places. When you said it didn't have to do with power management, I assumed you had already explored that route. I suppose I could try it again. It had something to do with.. Nalf: yikes. I hardly know what to say -- it sounds like everything is failing. I don't even think ubuntu uses runlevel You'll probably get a satisfactory response if you ask there.

Ryanprior: Thanks so much for your help. I'll give it a shot. Brando That often happens due to problems with graphics drivers which only the manufacturers can fix. Peddy: you sure cause im using 8. Peddy: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Can someone please tell me how to enable emerald window manager in ubuntu. We suggest using Compiz now. Anyone here have any experience with the Dell Inspiron n? Please pm me if so..

Unikraken: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first. What kind of socket looks like a Socket 7, but it has a hatch that opens, you insert the cpu, close the hatch, and then the hatch clamp?

Trying to diagnose hang in 8. Help walking through confirming this problem, and documenting it would be very much appreciated. I don't remember that driver ever supporting but ubuntu recommended it for some reason. I've always had ATI cards. Also, if you don't get an answer here make sure you cross-post to the Ubuntu Forums, which are browsed by many knowledgeable people.

Also, file a bug report. Wireless cards really really shouldn't be locking Ubuntu up. I had to go the other direction and install the There is no runlevel 3. I had a gt agp previously and the was fine. Inteprid was at first the worst upgrade I did it's okay now though. Software is tricky and messy, especially in areas like graphics and sound, so we're bound to make big mistakes. Always file bug reports and try to buy hardware that has Free drivers available. So once the final release comes out I won't have to reinstall will I?

I hope. In component restricted, is optional. Version Hello people i was wondering if someone could help me with mounting my second HDD where i installed ubuntu. Does somebody knows about an auto-update of the clock in Ubuntu?

The second says whether and in what order to check filesystems during bootup, and should be 1 for internal Linux partitions. Hello people.. Not just those listed in "Hardware Drivers". If your time got changed automatically, and it shouldn't have been, you probably have that set wrong. We often answer nvidia driver questions here, when the ubuntu-packaged drivers are in question.

I recently installed the updates shown in Update Manager and being stupid I didn't look at what they were. I just change it from there, was in the wrong zone, tank you rww I forget about the easier GUI methods sometimes. Thanks for the note :.

But when I try to boot it from with Grub, it doesn. But when I try to boot it from with Grub, it doesn't boot up and the grub page reloads. I need to set the mount point for this drive, how do I do that? Is there anything in there, or is it just an empty directory? Trouble playing MIDI files? Flash video is really crappy and slow on my Ubuntu box How do I set a mount point for a partition without formating it? Is there going to be an update to pidgin for ubuntu 8.

I take it the whole "it will most certainly break your system in bad ways" notice in the. Hey gang, I installed the package 'psad' using apt. Then I installed 'psad' using the source files. Now, months later I discover that 'psad' is still in my apt database. How can I remove psad from the database, without distrupting the live files? Mulder: there are no updates between releases, aside from security and major bug fixes. So please be patient. It will come. Jpdota, i received a opensolaris cd today the send free so i will probably install it tomorrow, i too lazy to do it right now, i worked all day.

Mulder: suggest you use xchat or xchat-gnome instead of pidgin for irc. There are links in there to PPAs with the new version of Pidgin that apparently fixes it, and getdeb has. It'll probably also end up in backports. Mulder: ah heh, my bad Hey, can someone help me get my server to share its internet connection.

I take it the "it will most certainly break your system in bad ways" notice in the Jaunty Jackalope channel is percent true huh? Reinstalled the grub using the alternate disc of 7. And now I cannot boot Win XP. Check if the HD is detected by the system with that command..

Lapinux: There are only four official ones: main, restricted, universe, and multiverse. Example sources. When attempting to install my installer hung up at that for about five minutes.. When it got there.. For example, one can access time tables of the local Transport Authority in the Web with your own departure site specified. In a way, a tailor-made way of access to Web information systems.

I cannot boot Windows. I run Jaunty, and my system has broken badly a few times. Thankfully, I know how to fix it, but if you don't, you shouldn't be using it. If i minimize any of the opened files or documents, i could not see that in the panel. I am new to ubuntu. I can't remember the exact wording.. Ever since I installed Emerald and Compiz-Fusion, double clicking the title bar makes the window roll up. I want it to maximize.

How can I fix it? That's an ntfs partition. And it does get mounted without any issues. Dacvak, you need to change that behaviour in the compiz control panel. I couldn't find anything. Dacvak, stuff like this is compiz' job. Anyone: Can I un-register a package from apt? I overwrote some of the files using a different package from source, and now 'apt-get remove package' fails.

And sda1 IS the drive where I my windows is installed on. I guess I messed it up while reinstalling Grub. I have a geforce with the latest drivers installed. Dacvak I think you need to look in animations on the compiz control panel. However, i still maintain that even though both of us appear to be blind, it's still there somewhere. I've tried a few things I found online, but no dice. Ok guys. Thanks for helping.

I'll see if I can locate it. Then it froze later on.. A simple question: how do I change the screen resolution of the login window? Because I recently updated to Intrepid don't ask why so late , and since then the login window displays in x instead of x After login it displays as intended.

I was wondering if it is worth upgrading to intrepid, since I heard there are some issues with it but after searching around I haven't really found out what these 'issues' are. Cehr: i think that your shouldnt spend time to reinstall something that working alright now,.

I found the answer to my question. Hey all So, I have the following problem: I used to be able to in the workspace manager drag and drop windows I am now unable to I did a whole bunch of stuff in the mean time so I'm not sure what affected that Can anyone help me? I want to keep all of his activities i video and photo the projects we work on with my treo phone in one website I have plenty of web servers with plenty of space I believe that each package is separated by a blank line.

Maahes: I'm not sure. I got some very interesting german error output on top of my Xorg. PerryArmstrong: is decompiling them into html files an option? PerryArmstrong: there are also a few other chm readers in the repos. Sorry for repeating. How to change the login screen resolution? The boot did seem about 15 second longer. FloatingPony: are you sure you need those modelines?

By the way, the login was x before upgrading. I mean, I did do some keyboard-related edits in xorg. FloatingPony: i'd suggest using X -configure or nvidia-xconfig. The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. Hi, I have an ATI xpress card which driver do i need for direct rendering. Please use ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Am convinced. Titan by label, he means he changed the partition type in the partition table with fdisk.

Titan booting windows xp. I used 7. Titan the problem is sda1 used to be his windows partition or so he claims and is now marked as 'linux raid autodetect. ZykoticK9, yes, but that dosn't help with the windows portion of it dosen't help. Just wanted to point it out.

Good luck. Titan okay. Titan No success. This time selecting XP results in a black flickering screen for a few seconds and then back to the Grub loader. I would recommend a MS checkdisk from a recovery console or bart's pe. I'll give this a try and finish this bottle of rum. Computers know nothing about stability. TItan Okay. I am ready to that. But do not know how to. Could you guide me? How can I get metrics, over time, on how much nautilus is ruining my ability to use my computer?

Thunar, ctrl-a selects all. I mean, cheaper than donating to the project, and more effective. Titan Oh. I'll have to go though that blue installation screen again which really irritates me! Never imagined playing a game could be so hard!

I use C-x-f but as I age, the ability to parse jpeg in my head diminishes. I'll be back after the recovery thing. Will update you guys if you'll stick around untill then. Anyone know why your install would hang up at 'starting bluetooth'? But you can killall -9 nautilus, which feels good. Mal3ko: could you paste the ls of that directory? How can figure out which physical device ata7 maps to? I like it :.

I'm looking for a text based msn client to run in the terminal Mal3ko: also, what you're looking for could be in conf, i suppose. In component main, is optional. Mal3ko: that only allows people with valid unix accounts to login, by the sounds of it. Can I ask why? Nautilus has a performance loop?

I've read that one, they set fire to the tent. I have a problem with ubuntu's ssh server. I'm building my first gaming pc and not sure what kind of motherboard to buy. Try the channel hardware. Titan I was. Titan I just skimmed over intel hype on i7 - looks very exciting. ZykoticK9: you may be right. Mal3ko: the main concern with ftp is that the passwords are sent in cleartext. I'm talking about the easiest solution. I installed the font package texlive-fonts-recommended in order to get the bookman font but I can't choose any new fonts in OpenOffice, do I have to update anything after installing those fonts?

Mal3ko, he told you, none other than: sudo apt-get install openssh-server. If you want to remove all! KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 ; sudo apt-get remove kdelibs5 ; sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop ». I have a script, that was using the ps command , and was running from 10 to 10 minutes. Now I found that I have over processes named ps, and that the ps command doesn't work anymore - it hangs. The kill -9 doesn't work either.

I'm really sorry but I can't help right now. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in ubuntu-bots. I'll throw in another buzzword: "synaptics". Titan Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task.

I write my xorg myself to ensure there is not funky problems with autodetection. Kartagis, depends on the video card and if it has opengl support. Kartagis, basically Kartagis, all recent ati and nvidia cards have opengl support. Kartagis, yes, that has opengl support for the opensource drivers, can't comment on the performance. Kartagis: yes, that should run compiz fine, particularly at a non-gigantic resolution.

Titan isn't that just the usb mouse he plugged in later? Titan and the nickname change: "am on live cd to reinstall grub and pidgin says "overlord" is registered. Titan fix. TItan I did Chkdsk in recovery mode and it gave me "detected one or more unrecoverable problems".

Titan and since then I have been looking for a cd to install Grub. Titan Yeh, I finally found Intrepid. I need help understanding why xev gives me identical output for the two volume buttons and also other of the multimedia buttons on my Logitech diNovo mini keyboard that is connected via a usb bluetooth receiver. Anyone has any hints on that? Lemme check with the forums. Doing it with the live cd for the first time. Titan I just got to that page a few seconds back.

Thanks for your help mate! Thanks guys. Thanks a LOT! ActionParsnip: to me, that reads that compression works for both versions, but only protocol 1 lets you control compression level. Can anyone help me what to do to get the buttons working? Why do I have 4 network connections showing up in the NetworkManager applet? I appreciate your help ActionParsnip. I'll be back tomorrow. They're only available when I left-click the applet or when I go to Connection Information.

Hemebond1: if your network is working and working fine, i wouldnt touch it. I don't see splash progress bar when I start ubuntu, but I can c X.

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DLP can prevent issue was caused by a buffer. Server from a known to use AnyDesk and similar. There was some the names still we recently updated this article including. Check out our deep dives into Ubuntu, you may a network of a network link.

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