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Moartea lui ivan ilici ebook torrents

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moartea lui ivan ilici ebook torrents

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He studied law with Ivan and is the first to recognize Ivan's impending death. Lisa Golovin is Ivan's daughter. View all 8 comments. Written in by Tolstoy, the novella begins at the funeral of Ivan Ilyich. His wife is trying to find out if she is entitled to even more money, and his co-workers are already relishing in their promotional opportunities now that his spot is open. This book was particularly interesting for me, because I was dying this la Written in by Tolstoy, the novella begins at the funeral of Ivan Ilyich.

This book was particularly interesting for me, because I was dying this last year and reflected on my life. After two heart surgeries, I am doing much better. However, it was interesting to compare notes with Ilyich. For me, the only portion of my life that I deeply regretted was working for jerks.

Please note that my current employer is not a jerk. Ivan Ilyich has the realization that many of the things that he experienced in life were not unique to him even though he thought that he was so unique at the time. He spends most of his time not investing in relationship. He spends time reading books that other people talk about. There were deaths of other people mentioned in the book, but Ivan is completely flat, emotionless, when he mentions these deaths.

Yet when contemplating his own death, he considers himself unique, special. There was a great metaphor in this novella that I loved. Overall, a great read and well worth the two hours invested to read it. Plus, as an Audible member, I received the audiobook for free. Blog Twitter BookTube Facebook View all 18 comments. Jocelyn Love this story! Glad you also enjoyed it. Death is nothing but joy and a light.

It is not the cusp or a kind of pain, but a beginning and a start. Many ways, it is the actually the end of fear and pain It is indeed, as quoted in the blurb, a supreme masterpiece on the subject of death a Death is nothing but joy and a light. It is indeed, as quoted in the blurb, a supreme masterpiece on the subject of death and dying , and also all the life we have lived so far. The whole book feels so simple and like some self-rambling account of Ivan Ilych, and then slowly somewhere in the middle of the book it hits you If you are living a life now, and you are aware that there will an end to this life years later, then there is no reason for you to, not read this book.

Once that final question is answered to self, you can live a life of peace and joy, because you know it is nothing but joy and light on the other side too View all 14 comments. Socrates said that an unexamined life was not worth living. In Kafka's The Metamorphosis poor Gregor Samsa is transformed into a being that cannot take part in the daily round of society and becomes more and more sidelined and ignored by those around him.

This book, the Death of Ivan Ilych, has both of these notions contained within it's theme. Ivan Ilyich is dying. As he grows sicker and fits in less with his fairweather friends and family and their preoccupations with their social lives, they l Socrates said that an unexamined life was not worth living. As he grows sicker and fits in less with his fairweather friends and family and their preoccupations with their social lives, they leave him be, they cannot stand his sickness, they cannot stand him.

All Ivan Ilyich has is the simple, unschooled manservant with the good heart who doesn't want his master to die alone and afraid. He is almost the Angel of Mercy, all good, his role is just to be there to help his master pass from this life with a good companion. Ivan Ilych progresses through the endless scream of 'Why me?

And then he sees his rather petty life of moderate success and a little excess as it really was He stops hating his selfish wife and self-centred daughter and ceasing to be afraid of death hopes his demise will bring them peace. And by this examination of his life and the letting go of his more shabby and trivial emotions, he elevates himself. And dies. Finished end of Dec. View all 10 comments. Apr 03, J. He reviews his career, family and the passions which guided his life, all the decisions which led him to where he found himself.

Even as he knows death is closing in on him, Ilych rejects the possibility that he will die, and only slowly comes to accept his fate. I remember reading this many years ago and it had stuck with me. The story Ilych tells himself was fuller than I had remembered. The topic and the structure of the narrative makes this memorable; however, it is the meditative quality which Tolstoy brings to Ilych's last days which makes this story especially powerful. Sadly, nowadays I am way more bubbly and optimistic than ever, so I had a healthy distance between "Ivan Ilych's life had been most ordinary and therefore most terrible Sadly, nowadays I am way more bubbly and optimistic than ever, so I had a healthy distance between my idle thoughts and this powerful piece.

No matter: this made me meditate on that occurrence that is shared by us all, the ultimate, final destination called death doesn't matter where you lived, breathed, loved. The novella is incredibly vivid, simple Yes, it seems that an illness so long gives the titular man the right to sum up quickly his days of before, his heights, his passions View all 3 comments. The Death of Ivan Ilych, written in , was Tolstoy's first major fictional work during his post-conversion.

Tolstoy's religious philosophy, which illustrates the values of brotherly love, Christian charity, and mutual support, is the framework for writing this novel. Just as Tolstoy's discovery of the true meaning of life led him to fulfil and accept death, Ivan Ilych's awakening comes through the realisation of death, which ignites fear, anger, contemplation, and eventually acceptance.

Death The Death of Ivan Ilych, written in , was Tolstoy's first major fictional work during his post-conversion. Death is the story's central theme; through it, one can discern the artificial from the authentic characters and the dichotomy between the inner and outer man. The character Ivan Illych belonged to an elite social circle. He was intrigued by the idea of being a member of the elite aristocratic society, and individuals who did not conform to the social sphere looked on with disgust.

However, he was unaware that his life was an illusion brought by a need to imitate a specific social class rather than find real individuality. His marriage to Praskovya Fedorovna is also an act of illusion. It isn't out of genuine love, but as is standard practice by the bourgeoisie society, it is out of a sense of obligation.

She was a good-looking woman from a well-to-do family was the essential characteristic he required her to have. Illych's rude awakening into how he was living a life of conforming to social expectations came about when he faced death. Realising he was dying, he contemplated his life and tried to find out if there was any meaning. Paradoxically, death is responsible for allowing Illych to examine his life.

He begins to contemplate those people in his life whom he considers friends. He discovers that they, too, were false because, upon his death bed, there were no friends to comfort him. Tolstoy incorporates several patterns of reversal into the structure of the novel. First, Tolstoy reverses the concepts of life and death. The remainder of the story deals with the living, as opposed to the title of Ivan Ilych's death.

The chronological end of the story, the actual death of Ivan Ilych, occurs in the first chapter. Early in his life, when Ivan seems to be increasing in power, free will, and societal status, he is being reduced to limitation, repression, and isolation brought on by the grappling force of death. After the seventh chapter, Ivan goes through spiritual rebirth when confined to his study and suffers physical deterioration and loneliness.

View all 4 comments. The Russians have got me by the throat this pandemical year, Dostoyevsky, Goncharev, Gogol, and now Tolstoy. This is short, sharp, straightforward and unforgettable. Ivan Ilyich is a modern man with a career, a wife, a family and a house and not quite enough money.

Then iller. Then even iller. Then illest. This unsentimental unreligious guy has his face shoved into the hardest of hard questions — you are going to die quite soon. Oh, also, it is going to be drawn-out and dreadfully painful. And you are going to notice all your family will become sick and tired of the time you are taking to die. And your friends will fade away.

And the morphine will stop working. And you will be on your own, with no one sitting by your bed. This short novel is unflinching. Readers might come away shaken and with a revived fear of the fate that awaits us all. But I have a brief personal anecdote that shows things can turn out differently.

No pain, no horror, just switched off, like a light. View all 7 comments. Shelves: read-in , best-ever. How I loved the coldness of those lights, their purity, their remoteness from us and all we do and all that befalls us. Where they are is where the dead live. My unscholarly response is that they are both masters of exploring the most recondite crevices of the human mind and the existential angst that is inherent in its nature; they describe the undescribable, recreate death and grief unflinchingly and make the reader be racked in pain by both.

Is the life we lead worthy of being lived? Do we appreciate the gift of existence? Tolstoy stares back with blank countenance and pens a sobering story stripped of artifice in response to those unanswerable questions. A civil servant in the high ranks of the Czarist Administration in the nineteenth-century Russia ponders about the arbitrary system of rules that have dictated his life when the threat of death puts an unwanted emphasis on how he should have lived.

A prominent citizen, he has married well, he has established contact with the influential members of his class and accumulated a vast list of superfluous achievements when death knocks on his door. At first, Ivan faces his impending death with disbelief, then denial settles in only to be swamped with an overpowering disconsolation at his own disintegration while the world keeps on turning without him being part of it.

His family and closest friends regard him with superficial sympathy and remain indifferent and detached from his suffering. Ivan looks death in the eye with more frustration than fear, dumbfounded that his life might be reduced to a trivial list of actions performed by an absurd sense of duty making of his time in this world even less than an anecdote. The dilemma he contemplates goes beyond the realms of religion, philosophy or fiction, for the physical agony, the ruthless demise of body and mind is described in painful detail infusing the story with perturbing realism.

I am not the possessor of such talents, but Banville has both. And so did Tolstoy. View all 75 comments. It is a widespread stereotype that Russian classics are mostly long, tedious, boring, a burden to get through, but one only needs to read a short book like The Death of Ivan Ilych in order to be proven wrong. A philosophical, in its beautiful writing almost lyrical account of a dying man's life, Tolstoy will make you think about your own mortality, about happiness, sorrow and most likely your own life as well.

With this consciousness, and with physical pain besides the terror, he must go to bed, often to lie awake the greater part of the night. Next morning he had to get up again, dress, go to the law courts, speak, and write; or if he did not go out, spend at home those twenty-four hours a day each of which was a torture. And he had to live thus all alone on the brink of an abyss, with no one who understood or pitied him. Tolstoy uses his protagonist to help us realize how we all have to die one day, and there will surely be readers who, just like Ivan Ilych, always thought of death as something foreign they wouldn't have to worry about until a long time later.

The author's prose is highly readable and might just as well have originated from someone who wrote the book five or ten years ago; besides, Tolstoy knows how to captivate his reader, thus The Death of Ivan Ilych can only be called a book which can't be recommended highly enough for readers interested in Russian literature or, on a more general note, classics. These were islets at which they anchored for a while and then again set out upon that ocean of veiled hostility which showed itself in their aloofness from one another.

The sadness behind the realizations of those two characters that their marriage has never been destined to bring happiness into their lives will cloud their sorrowful lives, until the slow, but torturous demise of Ivan Ilych turns into the ultimate factor driving them apart from each other. If you are intimidated by the length of classics like Anna Karenina , War and Peace , Crime and Punishment and the like, then I can almost assure you that reading some shorter novellas like The Death of Ivan Ilych or Dostoyevksy's White Nights will help you with finding a way into Russian literature, coming to terms with the rather uncommon names and growing an interest in the huge Russian classics which will surpass the simple feeling of pressure to read them just because others said those are books everyone has to read.

And they probably are. But it's always easier to anticipate rather than dread them, so novellas like these will be extremely helpful. View all 33 comments. What have I done to Thee? What is it for? What do you want? I am not guilty!

There is no explanation! Agony, death… What for? Yet, his has been the average, harmless, unimportant life of a middle-class man with a slightly smug attitude, a mildly irritable character, a few frivolous habits, a moderately successful career and a tolerably loveless and frustrating family life. In short, an everyman with an unremarkable existence, like you and me, like most everyone. The story is all the more poignant and riveting that we know it will end badly—Tolstoy starts the novella with the burial of his protagonist before returning to his youth.

But the ending offers hardly any glimpse of hope. Was his life all wrong? Is life in general absurd and devoid of meaning? Is suffering arbitrary? Is there a God? Is there an eternal soul? For this story, Tolstoy drew inspiration from sources full of divine and human wisdom: the Bible Ecclesiastes, Job , Schopenhauer , and possibly Montaigne.

Iona Stewart Thanks, Leonard. But I remember I found some positive aspects t Thanks, Leonard. But I remember I found some positive aspects to the story. I didn't find it gloomy. Leonard Gaya Indeed, like any great piece of literature, you can read it in many different ways. Last year the group catching up on classics chose The Death of Ivan Ilyich as one of their monthly short story selections. At the time, I did not have the time to read it; however, a play I recently read had reading Anna Karenina as a major plot line.

Wanting an introduction to Tolstoy prior to reading this epic, I decided upon Ivan Ilyich as my gateway to his more celebrated work. Ivan Ilyich enjoyed an upper middle class life in pre revolutionary Russia.

He graduated from a jurisprudence cours Last year the group catching up on classics chose The Death of Ivan Ilyich as one of their monthly short story selections. He graduated from a jurisprudence course and eventually became a lawyer in an out of the way province. He married Praskovya Fyodorovna and the two lived a married life that was neither happy nor sad for over twenty years.

Each person became set in their own ways and the two lived as separate islands in their home, made possible by Ivan Ilyich's income. I was not completely captivated by the story of Ivan Ilyich. He lived a relatively normal existence and experienced many things that an average upper middle class citizen might have experienced in Russia at the time of publication, hence the rating. I found Tolstoy's writing style accessible, which should ease the way for me to read his longer works.

The part I found the most interesting was how Tolstoy through Ivan Ilyich discussed his views on death and dying, which is the premise of this story. Ivan Ilyich grappled with the alternatives of dying and being mired in a marriage where he was not appreciated or loved. Even though I only gave this story three stars, I am glad I read it as an introduction to Tolstoy. The premise is an interesting one and I enjoy the time period, although, it is not a story that I am not drawn to.

I would recommend this to those who might not read classics due to their long length and want to begin to read an author's works. I look forward to endeavoring through Tolstoy's epic novels after discovering that his writing style is easy to read for the masses. What Tolstoy accomplished in the last 10 pages of this novella was amazing.

Tolstoy is at his best writing about the social interactions of human beings. He has such an amazing feel for the things that go on between people; the hypocrisy, the pretending, the way people lie to each other on a daily basis. And he does it so subtly. Here, nobody knows what to say in the face of death.

Becoming enlightened is a spiritual journey, not a religious journey. The Death of Ivan Ilyich is a wonderful read. Tolstoy brilliantly demonstrates his understanding of humanity, and portrays that understanding brilliantly in his writing. View all 6 comments. This work is entirely focused on the meaning of life and death, on appearances and on the investment of love that we give in our lives.

Everything is camouflaged and hidden without seeing reality as it unfolds The old and even the young children, who in front of the dying father, will never be able to have a word of love and tenderness towards him; the colleagues at work, only annoyed by its weakness and confusion often present during Court sessions and never happened in the past when health was in force.

A world of fiction, of fictitious values, of lies, where people seek to draw only benefits and well-being. Even his wife and children live miserably and ignorantly of love and tenderness towards him, because Ivan, too, has been in the past the architect and promoter of this dry life of goodness and freedom. With Gerasim, Ivan, rediscovers a care that will open in his heart a whole series of questions, about what he had lived During the agony and now close to death among excruciating pains, Ivan let himself go to a new conscience, to realize that he had lived a life of full happiness only and only during childhood, When the looks towards his parents and the looks he received from them were made of endless tenderness, this is the authenticity of life; unconditional love, without traps and lies.

Everything was a gift because only, he as child, existed The present, this new consciousness , becomes the clear truth of a life that, although very short, for few minutes, will give to him a taste of complete and total freedom. Opera incentrata tutta sul significato della vita e della morte, delle apparenze e dell' investimento dell' amore che diamo nella nostra vita. La storia si apre con la presentazione di Ivan, un uomo che ha raggiunto tutto quello che piu' desiderava nella vita, un lavoro di alto livello, rispetto e potere come magistrato distrettuale, una famiglia di buon livello e una casa risistemata come piu' desiderava Da questo momento si apre un teatro "dell'ignominia" dove i colleghi di fronte alla morte imminente di Ivan pensano allo scatto di posizione in Tribunale, dove la moglie tutto vede se non il fastidio e la preoccupazione di vedersi abbassare il suo tenore sociale ed economico in caso della morte del marito.

I figli, che di fronte al padre morente, non riusciranno mai ad avere una parola di amore e tenerezza nei suoi confronti; i colleghi di lavoro, unicamente infastiditi dalla sua debolezza e confusione spesso presente durane i processi e mai accaduto in passato quando la salute era in vigore. Un mondo di finzione, di valori fittizi,di menzogne, dove al prossimo si cerca si spillare unicamente vantaggi e benessere.

View all 21 comments. The story of The Death of Ivan Ilych profoundly touches on the concepts of life and death. Although I have come across books that talk deeply about life, I cannot say the same about death. And this book quite compensated for that omission. Tolstoy, through the fictitious character of Ivan Ilych, exposes the concept of death and human feelings when they are confronted with death.

Ivan Ilych, a judge, leads an active professional life and performs his social duty well. He is also a husband and a The story of The Death of Ivan Ilych profoundly touches on the concepts of life and death. He is also a husband and a father and performs his family duties well too.

Despite all this, when he finally faces death, Ivan Ilych is in doubt whether he really lived a meaningful life. Written after his religious conversion, Tolstoy's new thoughts on life are reflected through the story of Ivan Ilych. Living life by bourgeois standards and the mere performance of social and domestic duties do not alone make living meaningful. This is clearly shown through the fear and mental suffering of Ivan Ilych on his deathbed. There is life beyond that; a life of truth, call it spirituality, or path to enlightenment according to your own religious convictions.

And the true meaning of life is veiled by an illusion, by what we call life - the materialistic living, the performance of social and domestic duties in that materialistic world. In this illusory way of living, we abandon the duty to ourselves; we abandon our quest to realize the true meaning of life. But when we see the truth in life and live life meaningfully according to that truth, we see the "light" beyond death and "death disappears".

This is what Tolstoy was driving at. This is a meaningful book with a powerful message. And I heartily agree that this is a supreme masterpiece on the subject of death and dying. It is one of the most thought-provoking books from one of the best masters of literature. Though written in the late 19th century, this is a timeless and a universal classic, timeless and universal as life and death. I enjoyed it very much. View all 11 comments. I was left feeling very sad at the end A little share: Once in a book group discussion-around 20 of us —-sitting at our large table Saturday morning in Barnes and Noble-we were discussing another book There were those who shared working in hospice One woman shared that she and her siblings were with her mother when she took her last breath But the story I most remembered and haunts me - much as this story did to me This woman was adamant and animated in her conviction I knew she was still angry — years later.

It was free—and the sample-listening was immediately interesting—so I continued. Last year I read Anna Karenina and loved it. Ivan IIyich was born son We meet his sister also. Pentru a putea comanda rapid este nevoie sa introduceti numarul dvs de telefon in formatul 0xxxxxxxxx 10 cifre. Un operator Libris. Dupa cum stii, cartea aceasta face parte din categoria de titluri in limba straina. Te anuntam ca raftul ei natal se afla in Marea Britanie sau in Statele Unite! Termenul de livrare este de saptamani de la plasarea comenzii.

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Moartea lui Ivan Ilici. De autor : Lev Tolstoi. Vezi varianta tiparita. Sau de puncte Fiecare comanda noua reprezinta o investitie pentru viitoarele tale comenzi. In stoc. Adauga in cos. Descrierea produsului Sonata Kreutzer , povestea unei gelozii care duce la crima, interzisa la vremea publicarii, critica morala vremurilor, institutiile statului, biserica, civilizatia si cultura, intregul mod de viata specific ''claselor cultivate''.

Detaliile produsului. Despre Dumnezeu si om - Lev Tolstoi. Anna Karenina - Lev Tolstoi. Invierea - Lev Tolstoi. Razboi si pace Vol. Furnica si porumbita. Magarul in piele de leu si alte fabule - Lev Tolstoi. Evanghelia pe scurt - Lev Tolstoi. Sonata Kreutzer. Moartea lui Ivan Ilici - Lev Tolstoi. Doi husari - Lev Tolstoi. Spovedanie - Lev Tolstoi. Copilaria - Lev Tolstoi.

Tineretea - Lev Tolstoi.

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