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Cinderella's Sister was first with a %, Personal Taste remained in second with a %, Can't wait to see where Episode 2 takes us! Date, Episode, Nationwide, Seoul. , 1, (8th), (8th). , 2, (12th), (11th).

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Personal taste episode 2 torrent

· 04.07.2020

personal taste episode 2 torrent

Episode 2. 68m. Watch Episode 3. Episode 3 of Season 1. 3. Episode 3. Cinderella's Sister was first with a %, Personal Taste remained in second with a %, Can't wait to see where Episode 2 takes us! A cheeky guy who pretends to be gay and a blockheaded girl begin to live together. Genres Romantic Comedy, Drama. Subtitles English, Danish, German and NORMAL MAP FROM BUMP MUD BOX 2017 TORRENT Use of a built from the will be available and what certificates. In About AnyDesk, you can see the version of single sensor to mimicking the legitimate decreased to 49. The related section remote desktop software.

Sign In. Episode guide. Personal Taste Original title: Gae-in-eui chwi-hyang. Comedy Drama Romance. The surprise hit of , Personal Taste aka Personal Preference garnered high ratings and a huge fanbase in a comedy that proves true love is found in the most unlikely places. Quirky and Read all The surprise hit of , Personal Taste aka Personal Preference garnered high ratings and a huge fanbase in a comedy that proves true love is found in the most unlikely places.

Quirky and insecure Gaein lives alone in her father's famous 'Old World'--an architectural tribute t Quirky and insecure Gaein lives alone in her father's famous 'Old World'--an architectural tribute to old Korea and Gaein's late mother. Money troubles loom and Gaein is desperate for a room Read all. See more at IMDbPro. Episodes Browse episodes. Top Top-rated. Photos Top cast Edit.

Son Ye-jin Park kae-in as Park kae-in More like this. Storyline Edit. User reviews 17 Review. Top review. One of the better rom com dramas. Affronted that his hunk of plastic is more important than her body part, she insists on the bus taking her to the police station to report the pervert. Aggravated, Kae-in returns the favor and grabs HIS ass. If only we all had such excuses. In shock, he drops his model, which crashes and breaks.

The reason this is a big day is because she is launching her own line of furniture at an expo. With little time to spare, Jin-ho and Sang-jun get to work repairing the model. The two are part of several firms bidding for the contract to build the Dream Art Center, and Chang-ryul presents first for his firm, Mirae Construction. Jin-ho and Sang-jun wander over to the furniture booths, stopping in front of Kae-in Story.

The humor is all in his delivery. Alas, Mirae hence Chang-ryul wins the bid. Kae-in congratulates her boyfriend on his successful presentation. Fighting his cowardly nerves, Chang-ryul attempts to break up with Kae-in, trying to ease into the discussion by first pointing out all his flaws as a boyfriend. Chang-ryul looks increasingly nauseous, and forces himself onward. To make his point clear, he gets down on his knees in front of Kae-in and reaches in his pocket for the wedding invitation.

There are only two reasons for someone to kneel in front of you — to beg forgiveness or to propose — and with all this nervous stammering about the progression of their relationship, Kae-in thinks it must be the latter. Flustered but pleased , she gasps that this is so sudden! She needs some time to think about it — can he give her some time? Chang-ryul sees that this has taken a horrible turn and tries to get up and protest she pushes him back down, ha.

Serves you right, cheating liar! Chang-ryul must have worked out some kind of backdoor deal to win the PT before it was even given. Jin-ho asks if he or his father messed with the process again. Now we get a bit more insight into the bad blood here. At some point afterward, Jin-ho set up his own small firm.

Chang-ryul walks away, leaving Jin-ho stewing. Kae-in gripes that Jin-ho ruined her proposal by butting in at a crucial moment — and this strikes Jin-ho as odd. Obviously she must be deluded, since he knows Chang-ryul is marrying tomorrow. Jin-ho has bigger worries, though, because construction on one building is running behind schedule and is in danger of not being done on time.

Sang-jun warns that he may be getting over his head, but Jin-ho is firm. Not only is it a good opportunity to network with contacts, the bride is also a curator at the museum. Therefore Choi ought to be there.

He is also an employee at the firm, though it seems to be a running line that Jin-ho wants Tae-hoon to quit. Over drinks, Jin-ho assures Tae-hoon that he only thinks of Hye-mi as a little sister. No matter that he only said that to shut her up when she cried and kicked up a fuss, and at age 14 to boot.

Overwrought with jealousy and the angst of youth, Tae-hoon drinks. In-hee has been living with Kae-in in this house but has recently moved out in preparation for her marriage, which is something of a whirlwind affair with a man she began dating only a month ago.

In-hee acts a little uncomfortable every time the girls mention her mysterious groom, whom they have never seen. When In-hee hears Kae-in announce brightly that Chang-ryul almost proposed to her, she excuses herself to make a phone call. She hisses to Chang-ryul that he was supposed to tell Kae-in the truth! Chang-ryul works up his courage and calls Kae-in out to a restaurant, mustering the nerve to break the news. Her comments just make him feel worse, and he fights through this conversation wearing a worried constipation-face.

Stunned, she asks if she did anything wrong. Hurt, Kae-in gets up and walks away from the table without another word. He calls her back — so she stops in her tracks and storms back. Nervously, Chang-ryul scoots his water glass closer, keeping it out of her reach. The three men have relocated to an outdoor pojangmacha, where Tae-hoon challenges Jin-ho to a drinking battle. If Jin-ho loses, he has to date Hye-mi. Leave me out of it.

Commence soju! Depressed, Kae-in calls out Won-ho her employee for drinks and gets very drunk, drowning her shame in alcohol. Nervous Won-ho takes this as his moment to confess his feelings for her. Perfect for wooing! So it is that both Jin-ho and Kae-in wind up at a motel. Jin-ho has taken on the task of mopping up after Tae-hoon — a duty that he apparently trades off with Sang-jun — and deposits Tae-hoon on the bed.

The jacket and shirt come off because Tae-hoon has unceremoniously vomited over himself. You go on the date! Meanwhile, Won-ho looks down on a sleeping Kae-in, and sneaks in a kiss. Kae-in feels betrayed — she confided in him, and he takes advantage of her? She chases him around the room, kicking and hitting as best she can in her tipsy condition. She chases Won-ho out of the room, where he collides with Jin-ho before scurrying on. My only crime is loving! Law of Kdrama says: Just as there is a tacit rule that actors must be shown shirtless at least once in their first drama after army service, so must there also be a rule about idol stars and the same.

Kae-in comes up to Jin-ho in the street and apologizes for misunderstanding in the morning. He retorts that hers is worse. Kae-in laughs at that — who could be so dense? Being lazy on top of spineless, Chang-ryul therefore thinks he has done his duty and assumes that Kae-in got the message literally. And you know what happens when you assume!

Chang-ryul promises her that he absolutely, positively took care of everything. But just to make extra-sure, he gives a photo of Kae-in to his secretary and orders him to keep her out of the venue. And now another highlight: Jin-ho and Sang-jun come to the wedding as a networking opportunity, and on the way up to the wedding hall, Sang-jun fiddles with his zipper.

The joke backfires when the elevator doors open silently behind Jin-ho, to reveal Young-sun and her young son standing in shock as Sang-jun continues his joke-groaning. I took him to the motel, and thought I was gonna die.

Young-sun arrives at the hall, and the instant she sees the bridal photos, she is furious. In-hee and Chang-ryul? Fuming, she storms into the room to confront the couple and tears into them. Kae-in had in fact missed seeing the wedding invitation and shows up at the wedding hall blissfully unaware. Young-sun does her best to waylay her, but as she is late, Kae-in is eager to get inside asap.

Her attention is distracted by the sight of Jin-ho, and mistakes the sight of Sang-jun wiping up spilled coffee for something much more intimate. So he ditched his boyfriend because he found a new one. Stricken with confusion, hurt, and disbelief, Kae-in follows them into the hall.

In a daze, she walks down the aisle, dumbly. Young-sun tries to grab her aside, but Kae-in is lost in her thoughts and unaware of everything else but the couple at the altar. With growing realization, Kae-in arrives behind the couple, eyes fixed on Chang-ryul, who stutters in shock at the sight of her. Then her eyes move toward the bride, who is doing her best to keep her face turned aside. Everyone is well-suited for their roles, and not only that, everyone brings a little something extra to these characters.

I can say that with particular certainty because in this case, we have an original novel to compare with. For example: Kae-in is cute and good-hearted, but also dense enough that she mistakes situations that often turn out badly because of her lack of perception. Jin-ho is cool without being heartless — a great way to differentiate this role from his high-profile turn as Gu Jun-pyo. Take Sang-jun, who on paper fulfills the typical kdrama role of good-natured best friend.

You know — nice but not very special. But Jung Sung-hwa has this wonderful, warm, mischievous vibe, and the way he rolls with the elevator scene is pure fun. Kim Ji-suk, as I mentioned before, must be having a ball — his Chang-ryul is wimpy and weak, but also haughty and cocky. In fact, I think he and In-hee are well-suited for each other.

Jo Eun-ji has often been cast as the plain sidekick, but she does it well. And Im Seul-ong — his character is not unlike Tae-kyu of Wish Upon a Star with his immaturity and sense of the dramatic, and in both cases I enjoyed the comic flair.

Your email address will not be published. Thank you for the recap, Javabeans! So far the show looks even better than I expected! And I was expecting quite a lot! Haven't started watching this drama because till now it hasn't stirred much of my interest. Also, hoping that Javabean will recap Cinderella's Sister. I agree. The casting is THE highlight of this drama and there were so many funny scenes.

The bus and the elevator scenes Love the actors' facial expressions. I really like Jung Sung-hwa and Jo Eun-ji.. Thanks JB for the recap! And did I mention that he's very good looking?? Enjoyable, though not a fantastic drama, as yet. I kept refreshing all day to see which one you'd decide to recap first, and I'm pleased to see you chose this one. Although a recap of Cinderella's Sister probably would've been better understanding-wise I can mostly understand the language in PT, but I'm not quite as lucky in CS , I loved PT and I laughed throughout pretty much the entirety of this recap.

So good. I agree, this is quite well-cast. Seulong had me flailing with laughter, and I kind of adore Sang-jun. Out of curiosity, when are you going to post the rest of the novel? I'm not in a hurry or anything, especially now that the show is actually airing, but I hope you don't forget about it completely.

JB, Thank you for your hard work! I am really liking this drama, Sohn Ye-jin has totally own this character, I think this is my favorite so far, and "Prosecutor Princess" my second favorite, the "free Sanka refills" totally crack me up! Thanks again!!!!! Thanks for the recap! I'm still giggling the fact you used an entire image block maximize focusing on that highlighted elevator gay scene, while other scenes were minimized thereafter.

Jung SungHwa surely is doing a great job delivering his punch lines.

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The ratings for the Thursday episodes shifted slightly, but the order remained the same as the first day.

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Personal taste episode 2 torrent You and me both! I haven't seen the first episode yet, but your recap is hilarious, as usual, and I was laughing as I read it. OMG, had to rewind that part at least 4 times!!! With little time to spare, Jin-ho and Sang-jun get to work repairing the model. IP Shuffle randomizes your IP address at a user-specified time personal taste episode 2 torrent. Kim Ji-suk, as Read more mentioned before, must be having a ball — his Chang-ryul is wimpy and weak, but also haughty and cocky. In-hee acts a little uncomfortable every time the girls mention her mysterious groom, whom they have never seen.
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But Kae-in, confident this time that she can shut In-hee up, announces that she can try a thousand years to seduce Jin-ho. So far, having not read the novel, and staying away from any and all spoilers, the ride is mostly predictable, with the only twist being the presumption of homosexuality.

Your email address will not be published. Attic Cat SOOOO glad girlfriday is helping out to recap this series. LOL i never even noticed that XD. I don't wanna be negative, but it sounds like Full house. How can somebody take a loan or whatever under another person's House? Watching it for Lee min ho, and lead actress seems to be good too.

But if the script will get too unrealistic I may give up. I merely assumed he had access to her personal documents and financial information. Enjoying this drama right now. Thanks so much for the recap! Personally, it's been awhile since there's a k-drama that makes have so much anticipation for the upcoming episodes.

I'm loving the pace of the story and the main pairing as well as the side characters. It's also because I love Sohn Ye Jin and miss seeing her on the small screen. She's good with the comic scenes but boy, she can really deliver the goods on the more dramatic moments. The way her voice trembles when she confronts In-hee at the wedding, when she goes from sad to teary to sobbing on the bus, and the rocking chair scene Ah, reminds me of that wonderful gem, Alone in Love.

I would be taking him to court and blogging about what a bastard he is so that the whole world would know! It's one thing to steal a boyfriend, but another thing to ruin a person financially. Lee Min ho is totally rockin his role. I don't feel like he's younger than Son Ye jin at all.

That's what I thought too since he had access to her house as well coz there was a scene, maybe from previous episode, where Kae-in was going home and he opened the door for her. Girlfriday, thanks for the hilarious recap! I can't stop laughing from start til the end! The Gu Jun Pyo scene made me laughed like crazy and I keep on rewinding the part where Jin Ho screamed like a girl too.

Wow, I so want to slap that girl In-Hee I hated her so much I even blotted her name from my mind. Anyhow, this drama seems somewhat predictable, yet comfortably familiar at the same time. To be honest, I'm feeling more of a pull towards Cinderella's sister but I think this will be a good balance drama in terms of light-heartedness and fluff to all that tension and angst in Cinderella's sister.

But I just love alternative fairytales. Not to mention I'm not much of a Fullhouse fan. Yeah, I agree that Won-ho probably had access to all her accounts because he helped her run her furniture business, and it's even possible that she took out a line of credit to fund her materials, and then Won-ho went and spent it all on booze and women. Or something.

I apologize for the multiple postings! I took too long to type and the time allotted for post editing timed out. Me too! Man, if I won the lottery, I would love to have a house like that! Others might be drooling at LMH while I'd be drooling first at how beautiful and interesting that house is Although, I don't hope for a k-drama remake of that jdrama because Hotaru no Hikari holds a special place in my heart and I don't want to see it share the same fate as the k-drama remake of Kekkon Dekinai Otoko.

The little girl squeal from Lee Minho was SO unexpected in the chainsaw scene that I seriously DIED of laughter and started pounding on the table really hard in my gusto. Also hit the rewind button about 5 times before I calmed down enough to move on Same thing with his face when she proclaimed him gay - and man, did I ever say I doubted Lee Minho's acting?

NEVER again. SYJ did a great job portraying Kae-In's vulnerabilities, but I'm seriously hoping the girl manages to light a bulb sometime soon because it can be enormously frustrating to watch a character blunder her way into situations. Thanks for the VERY entertaining recap, girlfriday! Loving it and looking forward to this week's!

I assumed from the documents she was grabbed after reading the warning notice and I DON'T read Korean so I don't know what the big blue envelope said and from the way she yelled at him "You know what that money meant!! And In-hee! She's like the mean girl in high school who continues to take advantage of her dimmer friend forever.

Because she can. I may have to jump into my monitor and bitchslap her too! I wasn't really thinking about what your next project would be on Dramabeans so this was a very pleasant surprise. What I don't get is why does Jin-Ho have to live in the house? Can't he just take a look at it to see how it's built? Now from her personality who would she get to do the paper work for the loan for her? Why her trusted assistant and would be rapist [I am sorry a guy that jumps on top of a dead drunk or unconscious girl..

I think what happens was when he handled the paper work he either added on the 10, on what she meant to borrow, or used the house deed to get his own loan at the same time. Again remember she had to look and find the papers..

Thanks for your recaps! The drama is enjoyable, the leading actress is sweet, can't wait to see how their relationships will be! I figure that either Won-ho increased the line of credit against the house or added a loan. Technically different things, but same difference in the end! Kae-in won't even let Jin-ho inside the gates before they agree to let him live there which is why he has to wait outside while the girls discuss.

Kae-in's father has never shown his house in the past 30 years, which is part of its great appeal. The Won-Ho loan thing was bothering me especially since she let him get away! All I would want to do is drag him by a rope from the back of my car straight to court!

And he tried jumping her at the motel! Gah, worst employee EVER! Stupid witch still doesn't get it! In Hee's more like a snake if she does try to put her grabby hands on Jin-ho! I think if they pick up with more originality, I'll start to watch this with more interest. Still I think it's off to to a pretty good start! I was explaining to one of my gay guy friends how going to the sauna and scrubbing each others' backs is a male bonding activity in Korea and he just looked at me and said, "I'm not THAT gay.

I'll be on duty for the even-numbered episodes this time around. Jin-ho screams like a little girl and runs for his life, while I die of laughter and watch the scene again". This was my favorite part, I just couldn't stop laughing, so far so good. Im expecting a bit more of this drama, hopefully I wont be disappointed. Im getting lots of laughs between this and Prosecutor Princess.

The scene where she finds him in her dad's office almost made me wet my pants I was laughing so hard. The unexpectedness of it was just killer, not to mention the girly scream from Jin-ho. Oh, yes, this is gonna be good. I also wanna see Kae-in try to get Jin-ho to do all those things she imagined them doing together.

I badly want to see his reaction to a suggestion they do facials I also have been finding this drama pretty predictable and a bit boring. I originally thought this drama would have the most possibilities for laughter considering the storyline but sadly I think its missing a few things especially in the writing department since I find it so predictable and cliche.

Other things I'm finding problematic are:. If the leads have strong chemistry I can live with the predictable scenes and storylines but sadly out of the three dramas I'm watching currently personal taste has the least amount of chemistry in the leads. Acting front they are doing a serviceable job.

I should have felt sad when she was pitifully walking home after the busted wedding but I felt no empathy. I'm not sure if its the pacing of the story or how its written but so far I can't feel what Kae-in is feeling and dramas need to pull you emotionally in with laughter or tears early to get the viewers invested. I might just read the recaps to see how the story goes since the recaps have more entertainment value than watching it so far.

I'm with you and agree that this drama is predictable and boring. I'm disappointed after all the hype I was banking on LMH Wonderful recap as always. Loved the prelude: "Ever notice in Korea how nobody goes anywhere, but everyone makes a comeback? I guess just watch it for pure entertainment. Still need more time for SYJ and LMH's characters' relationship to develop i guess, since they don't have a love-at-first-sight kinda relationship from the start, like CS.

This had me ROFL! Have to agree though hihi. Thanks for the super fun recap girlfriday! Oh girlfriday it is good to see you back :D! Joseon Psychiatrist Yoo Se-poong is open for business in new promos. Eve: Episodes Drama Hangout. Link: Eat, Love, Kill: Episodes Woori the Virgin: Episodes Final.

Red Heart: Episodes Final. Five drama recommendations… for legal dramas that don't suck. Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

Personal Taste. User ratings: Click to Review or Comment. Share Share to. Cannot wait to see more interaction between Gae in and Jin Ho :. Welcome back, girlfriday! Thanks for the recap girlfriday I truly enjoyed this drama. Looking forward for more Option 6.

Option 7. Option 8. Option 9. Report Download. A Secret House Episode Golden Mask Episode Eve Episode 8. Hope or Dope 2 Episode 8. Shooting Stars Episode Weekly Idol Episode Radio Star Episode Problem Child in House Episode Insider Episode 6. Jinxed At First Episode 4. Love Naggers 3 Episode Godfather Episode Any Body Can Dance Episode 3. DNA Mate Episode Risou no Kareshi Episode 3. Mental Tsuyome Bijo Shirakawa-san Episode

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