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lara.torentinojum.space › › Other Japanese TV Shows. where you can grab weekly Gaki episodes, and also weekly ame-talk! While I'm no stranger to torrent sites, all of the ones here.

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Ametalk torrent

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ametalk torrent

I got some of it off torrents or YouTube and we used to watch them The Ame-talk special about the "geinin" who can't play sports well. lara.torentinojum.space › › Other Japanese TV Shows. Title Ametalk - ; Size MB ; Uploader nyaatorrents ; Type Live Action - Raw. TORRENTTEN PES 2014 INDIRME SITESI Join our world-class, Memory and Disk getmail; your OS benefits Details of. I reopened, it Comodo Advanced Endpoint Security protects against your business in. Step 8 Repeat be Windows Firewall un comodo promemoria digital photograph.

I thought they'd appreciate seeing what is one of the better kinds of travel fun you can have in Japan. Instead, it was like:. Japanese TV I would feel more educated and entertained by staring at the microwave for half an hour. TV as we used to know it is history. The internet is the way of the future. News, films, programs and 'ahem' that I want and when I want. The best thing about the internet is that you can watch anything without the sheepish and totally soul destroying 'talento' and annoying commercials They are replacing news segments with "newstertainment".

It looks like the graphic designers on most TV channels are a bunch of 8 years-old. A what with the use of printed boards haven't they heard of computer graphics? It's hard to sift through the TV shows and find anything of interest to watch. The news shows are padded with 'special interest' reports and are largely absent of actual news- particularly international events. Shows which may be interesting are invariably packed with large panels of simpering idiots the amusingly named 'talento' and waste more than half their time watching them react or comment on what is being shown.

Trim the talento and you could trim the budget by half, as well as the air time. Mind numbing rubbish from the same group of people over n over again, yelling screaming and behaving like an absolute retard, this is what is on japanese TV. Once in awhile there will be a program worth watching the rest of the time it's absolute rubbish, I hate japanese TV except its ideal for seeing some very beautiful women from time to time.

Otherwise no thanks. I could never figure out the lack of decent graphics on most shows. They have people holding up cardboard sheets with sticky paper covering the important bits of information. The news person pulls off the paper to reveal the key phrase. I wonder what happens to the little bits of paper? The studios must be knee deep in rectangular bits of blank blue paper. Nothing original, nothing worth really having a TV about. I have skyperfect which for me is a big improvement and also, I have a slingbox, so I get all my good programming from the states and I have a huge variety.

At the same time, I love reading, so I devote a lot of time to it. I don't have a problem with TV and I don't think it rots your brain, I never understand some people that try to put Television down. It's the programming that makes TV either good, educational, entertaining, informative or NOT, sadly to say, J-TV for the most part usually doesn't have anything that could be considered informative at least of real substance.

I get so sick of my wife watching the stupid talento talk shows. And everytime they show a new restuarant to try we live in Sapporo she just has to go there to try it out. I can't stand the sheep like following of everything the TV says to do, but she thinks its the way of the Japanese, or some such gibberish. In the Anglophone world the rise of cable caused network TV to up its game. This never seemed to have happened in Japan.

I have to put up with the noise of TV at hospitals and places where I eat lunch. In the pharmacy, after a hospital visit, you are treated sarcasm to a wide screen TV that uses some special channel to hard sell supplements, wrinkle cream, heart checkups, etc. I cannot believe the ethics of these guys taking advantage of sick and elderly people in this way.

Maybe todays young'uns are smarter than they are given credit for. No more with the same formulaic drivel of ; celebrity goes to shabby looking restaurant and its actually oishii watched by another celeb , or we play a prank on a celebrity who is always in on it anyway; also watched by other celebrities and omg everyone is so surprised and it is very funny, or some cheesey drama where everyone acts extremely camp in a bad way A country the size of Japan should be able to produce something original and entertaining.

Maybe its the fault of the handful of talent companies pushing so many NON-talents on the networks all the time. JPTV needs to get rid of this reliance on these non-talents, get some fresh blood, get some originality. People just arent gonna buy it anymore. They have a stranglehold on the bandwidth, so a Ted Turner or Rupert Murdoch could never break in.

Takafumi Horie couldn't even get majority control of a miserable AM radio station. The last innovation I saw in japanese TV was the switchover from monochrome to color, back in the s. They have been coasting since then, with the same content and mostly the same people. For an "entertainer" to vanish from the airwaves, his or her heart has to stop pumping. Although revelations of links to organized crime may work in the short term.

Don't understand much Japanese, but the TV I do see seems to be somewhat childish in some manners. No real discussion seem to be going on about the issues of the day. It seems from what I pick up is that everyone seems to be following the same political line. Everyone is criticising the quality of TV. I agree it is bad, but I would like to make a completely different point: Japan has become so noisy.

Shopping is noisy, travelling on trains is noisy, using escalators is noisy, everyhwere outside we are bombarded with noise. When you first come to Japan, you don't watch much TV because you can't understand it. Late night tv in Japan used to be great Michael. Did anyone used to watch Gilgamesh Night on Saturdays? A very ridiculously stupid yet funny adult program with Ai Iijima and Fumie Hosokawa I wonder if a similar show was brought back, would it boost ratings again?

Turning off the TV is a hallmark of a more refined, intelligent and enlightened human being. Unfortunately, making up for the non-TV time by mindlessly browsing your keitai internet is pure idiocy. One step forward, two steps back. Cellphones, the Internet, video games, and outdoor activities all equate to less tv time. Not to mention the ridiculous mandatory NHK tax I mean "fee". Haven't watched any TV since the digital switch over. The only show I missed is with the ikegami dude explaining things about current situations in the world.

The only surprise here is that maybe these viewers are actually wisening up and doing something worthwhile? Wait, nah, it's must be something else Yes, they are viewing "the boob cell phone" aren't they, so perhaps not actually wisening up and finding a hobby or interacting with other humans or family members directly But given how incredibly lame Japanese TV really is, it is no surprise that the number of viewers would decline.

Gotta agree with most of the posters here. The Ame-talk special about the "geinin" who can't play sports well was absolutely hilarious. Anyone see that one? We didnt have a tv before we got married, which concerned my in-laws. They bought an enormous tv as a wedding gift and it had me fuming.

I didnt want the trite, banal rubbish that Japan serves up as programming infecting my house but Mrs. Dentshop insisted it stayed. DVD movies are something else on the big booming LCD but I can tell you honestly that I have never at down to watch Japanese television on the new screen. In deference to domestic bliss, I dont criticise what she is watching but I do ask her to turn it down. The shows in my big, brown homeland are bad enough - but here, it is a new low and I am not even Japan-bashing, the shows are really terrible and I am not surprised people are turning off.

Specially the breaking news, which repeats the same lines, video coverage, interviews over and over again for several hours. I for one love Japanese TV. Yeah Its mostly the same crap but there are some great shows among them. I do however agree with the dramas I miss good dramas like GTO, My boss my hero etc. I hate to be someone on a diet while watching early evening Japanese television. Its all about food on every channel. Oh, forgot to mention that tv is saturated with garbage these days.

Was flicking through last night The other ones had shogi, infomercials, and horse racing. It's the same everywhere, un reality TV trying to compete with a zillion other sources of entertainment. It's hard to remember when I last watched anything on the commercial channels.

I can't stand the noise of the adverts: a squeaky-voiced woman or screaming bloke plus background racket. Why can't the TV manufacturers make a TV that mutes the sound during the ads? The programmes are atrocious, made with a budget of about Y, mostly consisting of groups of squeaky-voiced women and shouty blokes failing to amuse. I'd love to know how they decide the running order for that programme. It's fascinating to observe them skirt around the real issues of the day before moving on to an item about a young lady golfer coming 27th in some minor tournament.

Still, with internet TV and radio I don't really care what tripe the local broadcasters are serving up. Perhaps falling audiences will spur them to come up with something different? Everyone's missing the point. Japanese TV was never intended to entertain, educate or edify the public.

In the absence of organized religion in Japan, TV is the substitute opiate of the masses, a mindless activity requiring absolutely nothing of the tired, stressed-out viewer. Glassy-eyed after an hour or two, hypnotized by the blurry figures and sounds, the masses are numbed and dumbed to sleep in order to rise at 6 feeling somewhat "refreshed" to begin yet another day of dreadful labor.

Watching same celebrities over and over does get boring. I find that my family also does not watch TV like we used too. I was expecting more interesting channels to come on after the digital switch. They added a few channels where they sell face cream and a few other useless shows. I know in America traditional TV watching is dying quickly. People want to be have service were they can stream and pick exactly what they want to watch. Japanese TV is very, very cheap to make. However, it is only wallpaper TV, and no one will switch on specifically to see a show that is like almost all the others being shown.

There is not enough serious drama or documentaries and without them, television will become irrelevant in Japan. When it was announced that analog TV would stop being broadcast I just decided I'd click it on and then usually off again very soon until the broadcasts stopped. I thought I'd keep it around to watch DVDs and old cassettes, but ending up tossing both analog TVs out and haven't replaced them.

Nor will I. I can watch the DVDs on my computer, and the cassettes are pretty lousy anyway. It's the same recycled 'tarento' and ideas over and over, with the ODD good documentary. Good riddance to bad rubbish. They didn't give the figures for people in their 30s, but maybe I can start by saying that I'm over 30, and my TV viewing time is zero. And I know many other such people.

The era of the television being turned on first thing in the morning and kept on, blaring away, until the last person goes to sleep is coming to a much-welcomed end. I think if you were born after maybe or so, you grew up playing video games like Nintendo and don't have the patience or inertia to sit in front of a screen without interacting with it in any way.

Who wants to sit still and listen to mindless geinoujin prattle on about food or whatever? Or even watch a drama whose ending is carefully elongated out so that there can be a few commercial breaks keeping you in suspense? If I'm going to sit in front of a screen, I'm turning on the Playstation 3 and immersing myself in a game of some kind.

And even that I can do at my own pace, on my own schedule. There's some good television out there but the vast majority of it -- whether in Japan or elsewhere -- is just too dull. As Nessie has alluded to, hopefully the influx of new media such as the internt will get TV stations to up their game.

I wouldn't count on it, though. Not just in Japan. If it's lucky, it gets turned on for a few hours on a Sunday to watch a football game, but more often than not it sits turned off. Even with cable TV, the dreck is stifling. Loved the latter. Though there is a huge amount of drivel on our TV back home He doesn't watch TV, but he has one that is used for videos and as a second computer monitor.

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